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  1. Maybe, I dont know how Gpus work. Ive had so many problems with hardware that I don't know any more If the port was damaged who knows maybe it would affect signal and processing.
  2. Because I experienced those things doesn't make a hypercondriac. I've been ludicrously unlucky with bad PC components and problems for many years How can I know that display port damage wont affect the rest of the gpu it seems fairly reasonable to me.
  3. I was putting a plug socket in and my hand slipped. The plug fell on the DP connection of my 3070. My monitor that has fast response times is blurring and also my raytracing perforamnce has decreased by about 20%. I tested my rasterization performance on heaven and it runs the same. What's going on. Does the DP port connect directly to processing units, is it broken?
  4. I was just eating a two short burst high pitched dog whistle sounds came from around my PC area. What could this be, the PC seems to be working fine?
  5. Are you sure? What if it's trying to power through one or two connections instead of the other 5 solder joints, could that not cause a delay
  6. Tried re-seating, still the same input latency issues. The Diagonal connector that solders to the PCB has two screw sockets that pulled on the solder.
  7. Its not the cable. I yanked on the cable when the screws were in place. I can only assume that it pulled the DVI screws an maybe some soldering joints on the PCB
  8. The cable was never an issue. I can only assume that some solder is loose, as I'm getting near V-sync levels of latency on my mouse. nothing else has changed.
  9. I don't think you get what I mean. I had the two screws in place when I tried to remove it with force, because I usually have them off. This pulled the board REALLY hard. obviously some of ths older is off because of really high input latency. I can't actually see the solder on the back because of the plate, but I assume its off.
  10. I yanked on my DVI connector and am now getting much higher inout lag and lower FPS. I want to re-solder the DVI cable to the GPU, how can I do this?
  11. I went to (idiotically) pull the DVI out of the back of my GPU, without realising I had screwed them in. It make a creaking noise and ever since the fans have just been revving up and down at low load since. Surely pulling on them wouldn't have damaged the card since it would only affect the screws on the, back since I'mm not pulling on the DVI input itself?
  12. Thanks for the detailed response. How about the top of GPU, there is a possibility that some got there to and there area couple of open transistors and power cable? If there is any issue would this present itself in synthetic benchmarks. Currently Passmark has no issue but I'm having issues in game, which could be coincidental
  13. System defiantly isn't stable getting stuttery game play and low fps that wasn't present earlier.
  14. Earlier I was leaning over to place something in USB port when a small amount of water dropped onto the front USB 3.0 I am now experiencing much lower frame rates and other issues but benchmarks seem to be fine. How could this damage other components, would it transfer something through to the motherboard and cause some sort of short through the power?