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  1. Have looked at these too, but it looks like the prices on the razer used is much higher then ASUS in Norway on the marked.. Big difference between the 1650 and 1660 ? Also seen that people are happy with the way the Vega system works with Nvidia on Zephyrus
  2. Hello guys. I am in the thoughs of getting a ultra portable laptop for work and traveling etc.. Have been looking into the used market on ASUS Zephyrus G14, with 1650 or 1660 gpu. I see that the prices on the used marked for these in norway is between 6000-8000NOK, is still a good laptop in 21 ? Light gaming, writing and movies. Not into 15.6" because of traveling the the weight of it. And a new Zephyrus is twice the price of a used one. What do you guys think about it ? Any ideas ?
  3. Cookiey

    New monitor

    Hello and Merry Xmas LTT Community. I am in the thoughs of chaning out my main monitor which currently is a MSI Optix MAG271C 27" monitor to a Samsung Odyssey C32G55 32". This is currently at sale 130$ off the org price. The reason why I am thinking of changing my main monitor is cus I have a 3080 in order. Don't know when I am getting it, but it is on order. Would this be a good choice? Was looking at the G7, but it is way to expensive for me right now. Happy holidays !
  4. Hello. Per now I have a external WiFI Harddrive that i bring to work ( living on a ship for 4 weeks ) which is a WD MyPassport 3 TB drive. The problem now is that I am running out of space on it, don't ask me why but 4 weeks on the sea takes it's space. I was wondering if there is any alternatives for something with a bit more space ? Thinking maybe in 6-10 TB range. I don't know if I just can swap out the drive in my unit since it is a WiFi one, so there is maybe some software on it or something. I have no clue. The setup I use at work is just a iPad 128gb with wifi not 4g unit. So does anyon
  5. Hello. So i am looking to changing out my now MSI optix max271c 27" curved 144hz monitor to a either 27 or 32 curved 144 1440p monitor when my 3080 sometimes arrives in the future... I have seen on a couple of ones but cant decide and need help Samsung C27G55 Samsung C32G55 Lenovo G32qc-10 MSI optix g27cq4 Theese are the ones that are in my budget now, less then 4000NOK Any suggestions or something that can help me out?
  6. Hello, just burrowring this thread for a simple question. Does the crowd think that the 3070 will run MSFS2020 at very high? At 1920*1080?
  7. Hello, since the reveal of the new GPU ( 3070 ) i have decided to change my 1660 to an 3070 when it comes out. But i also have an aged (?) CPU and motherboard. The current setup i have is an i7-7700K and a ASUS ASUS ROG Strix Z270F. The CPU is cooled by a Corsair Hydro Series H110i which is nice. But i have been looking at upgrades also, especialy the CPU, but i seems like the 1151 socket is dead now and there is a new boy in town. The LGA-1200 socket, I have not been paying attention that there was a new socket and apperently this is the new standard (?) The thing is, is
  8. Also another thing is that i mainly play in 1920*1080 if that has something to say in that matter.
  9. Older type Corsair (?) not modular
  10. Yea got a 750W so no probs there. Maybe the price on 2080 or something will drop then. Any big difference going from 1660 to 2060 ? other then Raytracing?
  11. Hello. So I am considering buying a new GPU for my desktop, i currently have a 1660 6GB card which is okay. But I am hungry for a new one. I live in Norway so the prices compared to the US is a littlebit higher. I was looking at this one RTX 2060 and was wondring if this is a good buy? i have a college living in the states ( Oregon ) Who can bring it to me. Will there been any issues installing it in my "EU" computer? Or do you have any else suggestion to what is Should buy and from where in US ? Right now I am playing MSFS2020 so in need for GPU power, but also play other ga
  12. I went for the Fujifilm, got a good deal on it so. Thanks for all the help guys
  13. How about the X-T100? Thats within my budget. Fujifilm X-T100 Kit 15-45mm to be exact
  14. Was posting in a different forum aswell and someone recommend the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80 Anyone have some experience with this or any info about it ? It is in the same price range as the sony and canon
  15. Was reading abit about Fuji now and does anyone know how the Fuji X-T10 compares to the Canon and Sony ? Just saw that thr Canon is now 1000 NOK more then the Sony in Norway