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  1. I am in the US and am looking to spend approximately $1,500 for a gaming PC and Plex server. The desktop needs a 4k capable DVD drive. For monitors this PC is going to live in my living room and I will be using my 4k tv though I don't need to game at 4k definitely need to be able to watch media at 4k. In addition my Plex server will be shared with 1-2 external users. I don't need any peripherals or OS included in the build. Let me know if you need any additional details
  2. I would but i parted out my gaming rig about a year ago so my only PC at the moment is an older mac book air that i rarely use
  3. Not yet. I am looking for a parts list or recommendations of used hardware and so far gotten none
  4. Hello lovely members of LTT Forum. I have built many gaming PCs for myself and friends over the years. I want to build a Plex Server using older/used server grade hardware. As I have zero experience in this area figured I'd reach out to you for assistance in planning this build 1) I am located in the USA, while this is going to be used parts I am sure ebay will be my #1 shopping website for this build 2) My budget is right around $1,000 USD. This should give me enough room for multiple users hitting the server as well as the necessary storage for a movie buff's collecti