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    DICKHILL reacted to LogicalDrm in Google Chrome & this website   
    Any adblockers or other addons? Adblockers are usually cause for issues on this site.
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    DICKHILL reacted to vorticalbox in ddrescue - Recovering 16GB MicroSD   
    If you're on Linux you can look into foremost
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    DICKHILL reacted to LogicalDrm in ddrescue - Recovering 16GB MicroSD   
    When it takes more than 2 days, you should start to question its reliability.
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    DICKHILL reacted to LogicalDrm in ddrescue - Recovering 16GB MicroSD   
    I think I used Photorec. Saved most parts of article I was writing. Pictures and all text. Just messed how it looked.
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    DICKHILL reacted to Peskanova in Any new upcoming Nvidia GTX?   
    1080ti now its a good choice, 1070ti also , the rest a little less bang for buck, dont worry about that, till 1180ti cames (and outperforms your 1080ti because a new 1180 will be the same or lower as your ti) its going to be at least 6 months (at least) and will be 1200-1400 (at least)
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    DICKHILL reacted to Jurrunio in Any new upcoming Nvidia GTX?   
    The most optimistic rumour puts it on July 30, but then there are news saying Nvidia overestimated the demand for mining GPUs and ended up with wayyy too many Pascal GPU cores in the warehouses to waste, therefore Nvidia plans on delaying the launch of new cards while pressuring retailers to drop prices on old cares to clear up stock faster.
    I'd say just get the 1080ti and stay away from any news related to 11 series. I'm sure it's better value.
    If going down to 1070ti means getting 8700k and other stuff now or in the near future, get the 1070ti. Otherwise, stay with the 1080ti.
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    DICKHILL reacted to Jurrunio in Any new upcoming Nvidia GTX?   
    about a month for custom cards. Reference ones are often available for order shortly after the launch.
    get the 1080ti.
    You can estimate how well cards age by looking at the 900 series. 980ti is now 3 years old, good for 1080p 144Hz/1440p 60Hz gaming on high to very high graphics quality. The 980 (see this as how 1070ti will be in the future) is 4 years old and now a 1080p 60fps card, with also high to very high graphical quality.
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    DICKHILL got a reaction from Jurrunio in Any new upcoming Nvidia GTX?   
    Not at the moment, thanks to my two 660s...
    But I would looove the possibility and if the 1080 Ti can do that and smaller can't, then I definitely keep the one I already bought! 
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    DICKHILL reacted to Psittac in Multiple monitors on a single GTX (1070 Ti)   
    I don't know anything about the dp to hdmi issue with three monitors.  Keep in mind though that one of your ports is already hdmi.  It could still be a problem but I haven't heard about it.  I would test it but only have one dp to hdmi adapter.
    I know that on my z270 machine I can run one monitor off igpu and one off dedicated gpu, but as you mentioned it won't be good for gaming.  I assumed you only had one of them for gaming the other two for non gaming.
    edit: if a 1080ti is in the budget have you thought about getting a 1070ti plus an ultrawide for gaming with extra monitors on the sides for productivity?
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    DICKHILL reacted to wolfsbane3083 in Multiple monitors on a single GTX (1070 Ti)   
    I run 4 monitor on m 1080Ti, 1 DP. 2 DP to DVI and 1 HDMI. The two via DVI are using passive adaptors and I've never had an issue. Beware of cheap conversion cables though, I've had 2 DP to HDMI cables that where crap quality and would lose signal.
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    DICKHILL reacted to O9B0666 in Multiple monitors on a single GTX (1070 Ti)   
    yes sir you can use all 3 and use adapters. using dp adapters to hdmi though graphics could take a shit oif you start running anything 1440p and over idk i know theirs a bandwith issue someone can clear that up.
    yo im sure you dont game on all 3 monitors, you could run 1 of your mobo, and 2 off your card. I run my little 15inch lcd panel that i use for vitals running off my IGPU, and 2 off my gpu, one hdmi and one dvi
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    DICKHILL got a reaction from Psittac in Converting two drive RAID0 to single drive   
    I'm a bit familiar with Ubuntu and ddrescue, but mostly to backup/recover hard drives, MicroSDs, etc...
    But of what I remember, it does copy the entire partition(s).
    I did though, resize multiple partitions with gparted the last couple of days, but that were on my VMs on my ESXi host...
    Don't know if same would be possible in this scenarie?
    Also, the time it will take to read/write a hard drive than just a VMDK, I think it will be faster just formatting, reinstalling Windows, programs, games, etc...
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    DICKHILL reacted to aisle9 in Built own computer; room smelling of thermal paste?   
    Admit it, you were snorting thermal paste hoping it would get you high, and now you're learning with your nose what we all learned with our thumbs: that shit never cleans off.
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    DICKHILL reacted to vanished in Built own computer; room smelling of thermal paste?   
    Is it possible you got a bit on your fingers and rubbed near your nose?  That would explain why everything smells like it
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    DICKHILL reacted to WMGroomAK in Built own computer; room smelling of thermal paste?   
    I keep thinking I should make my own form of cologne with thermal paste and isopropyl alcohol...  Call it Eau d' Electronique?
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    DICKHILL reacted to dfsdfgfkjsefoiqzemnd in Upgrading 2x MSI GTX 660 to 1070/1080   
    I went from dual 770s to a 1070 and didn't really notice any increase in performance.  Considering the difference between a 660 and a 770, you should have a nice boost, not to mention a massive drop in power draw. 
    A 1070 will handle GTA5 in 1080p with maxed settings just fine on 75Hz screens.  Haven't tried 144Hz.
    That being said, I know from experience that a 1060 3GB keeps the game above 60fps as well with everything on high and very high and all draw distances maximized.
    EDIT : Yeah, with 3 1080p monitors you may want to consider the 1080 or 1080ti indeed.  Unless you only plan to play on a single screen.
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    DICKHILL reacted to Leonius in Fan problem on MSI GTX 660 TwinFrozr III   
    that fan is broken, if there is warranty left get the card rma'd, but since its pretty old you might be out of luck, see weather you can find those fans online, the twin frozer III was quite popular. If that doesnt work you can diy something and just srap a new fan to the card...
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    DICKHILL got a reaction from SlipperyPete in Upgrading 2x MSI GTX 660 to 1070/1080   
    Thanks! (:

    And thanks for the help, everyone! 
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    DICKHILL got a reaction from SlipperyPete in Upgrading 2x MSI GTX 660 to 1070/1080   
    Cooler Master GX750W (RS-750-ACAA-D3)
    ## UPDATE:
    According to Cooler Master's own PSU Calculator, one 1080 Ti should use/need less power than 2-Way SLI 660s
    So I think I will be fit for fight!