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  1. I want to thank everyone for the help. It's giving me warm and fuzzies considering how many questions I have asked in the last weeks on both Reddit and Linux forums with not a SINGLE usable reply. I was about to give up on the internet community but it seems Linus attracts some good people.
  2. Frankly I think I need to just give this a rest... I'm going crazy with this and my frustration level is rising. Probably not worth it at all...
  3. From my experience, and I probably did something wrong, overclocking the CPU by screwing with the ratio resulted in it permanently being stuck on max Frequency... Wouldn't that mean a lot of additional power usage?
  4. I fear you are right... I fear this because as an autist, that's about the worst challenge you could have presented me with :D.
  5. Hi everyone Frankly I don't know where to go from here. I have tried overclocking this thing and the results make no sense to me anymore. Used to think I was good at this sort of thing but I had my 4th gen i5 for like 8 years. I think I was left behind :D. My setup: Ryzen 5800X MSI X570 MAG Tomahawk Wifi Noctua NH-D14 Corsair Vengeance LPX 4000MHz 16-16-16-36 NZXT H510 Now my initial idea when I bought this was to basically try and get the FCLK to 2000MHz. Granted, I didn't have high hopes for that. I thought if that doe
  6. Hi I know the title isn't saying much but the problem is rather weird... See, I'm doing some testing right now and for that, I had to turn off the PSU.... after turning it back on, and pressing the power button, the system only sometimes actually starts. I have a TUF Gaming B550 board in there. It has LEDs to show where in the boot process it is. DRAM, CPU, VGA and Boot. Well, I just had to reboot three times to get it to move off DRAM. Then the system booted. It immediately whined that it did a BIOS reset because it couldn't boot three times.
  7. I just can't imagine that it's going to end well to put a voltage onto something that is not made to receive a voltage. I changed my mind about the USB switcher. I will just have two USB extensions on my desk and attach the hub to the one I need. So I thought why not upgrade to USB-C... turns out, most USB hubs with a USB-C connection upstream seem to suffer from weird effects, too, like disconnecting randomly and stuff.. I'm coming to the conclusion that USB has become such a commodity that nobody gives a fuck these days whether the stuff they sell even rem
  8. Hi everyone I am currently wrestling with a USB problem on my PC that has brought up a few questions. See, I am using a USB 3.0 switch right now to be able to flip my peripherals between my home PC and my work laptop. Basic home office thing, right? Today I just have a simple USB hub behind the thing but previously had had a USB-C docking station attached. The USB hub has the option to receive 5V power from a wallwart. I remember with the USB-c dock that my PC would still have LEDs light up, on the GPU too, even though I flipped the power switch
  9. Just as an example, take this: https://store.minisforum.com/products/minisforum-hm80?variant=39960884281505 You could totally use this thing as a virtualization node (probably even for Vmware ESXi but would have to be verified). There's just no space for storage in there... Attach home NAS like https://www.newegg.com/synology-ds420/p/N82E16822108744?Description=nas&cm_re=nas-_-22-108-744-_-Product And add the storage you need. Just know that in a 4 bay NAS, you cannot do RAID6 so going too large on your single disk size becomes dangerous. With RAID5
  10. Server hardware is server hardware precisely and exclusively because it is made to run in an enterprise environment. That means it has a maintenance contract, it's standardized hardware (which basically means the client decides upon a vendor and a model from that vendor) and it is made to run in a server room. That means these things are loud. Unless you have a closet you can soundproof and ventilate/air condition, you DO NOT WANT server hardware at home. Hence my tale of ripping out most things "server" and replacing it with consumer hardware. The stuff will run 24/7 o
  11. I mean what the hell is your budget :D??? I built my homeserver from an old storage appliance. This is a 24 3.5" slot chassis. I ripped out the original storage card and added one that would NOT hide the disks behind a RAID. I ripped out the original powersupply because it was server room grade and thus loud as a mofo. Cut a hole in the lid and laid a corsair 1200 on top of it. Looks stupid but worked flawlessly for years now. Cut another hole in the lid for 140mil fans so I could remove the small tubrines that are datacenter fans. Also loud like mofos. Bough
  12. Thank you for your reply. I don't want to go Intel this time. I want to see the balance of power shift somewhat more to AMD still. Hoping for an equilibrium at some point :). Since the game I play most is very single-threaded and I'm a savescummer, I'm hoping (!) for better loading times when the whole interconnect between chiplets and RAM is optimized. Might be a pipedream but we'll see. You're right, my hardware vendor does sell Ballistix RAM @ 3200 MHz at half the price but we're talking 90 bucks difference. Applied to the whole build that's like 12% pri
  13. Huh, just noticed that my vendor actually has RAM with a CAS latency of 16 @ 4000MHz. So I'm guessing I'm going to try for an FCLK of 2000 and if the CPU doesn't like that, go down to 1900 with tighter timings still.
  14. Hi there I was planning to wait to upgrade my system until the next Ryzen was out. You know for new DDR generation and so forth. But frankly, this was my argument for waiting for several generations... the next one will be a bit better, just wait. Well, now we have this clusterfuck going and nobody knows when the new CPU with new socket is gonna be released, nobody knows how overpriced DDR5 is gonna be and nobody knows how long it's gonna take for them to get all the bugs straightened out in all these new hardware implementations. Add to that, I think I ave
  15. The ZBook throttles like a motherfucker as far as I've read...