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    Sfekke got a reaction from PlayStation 2 in Gaming screenshots   
    PayDay 2 with the body count set to Ultra; it doesn't get more insane than this



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    Sfekke got a reaction from sub68 in Gaming screenshots   
    PayDay 2 with the body count set to Ultra; it doesn't get more insane than this



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    Sfekke got a reaction from soldier_ph in Show Yourself [Image]   
    Look at my profile, I already crawled out of the dark corner
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    Sfekke reacted to yaaa in Gaming screenshots   
    here's the amusement park from nier automata 

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    Sfekke got a reaction from Parideboy in Game unplayable because of weird lighting issue   
    Might I add to this you can use Fullscreenizer when playing in windowed mode to make it look like borderless fullscreen.
    Great for alt-tabbing & games that don't support borderless fullscreen but need it to stay stable (Sims 2 & 3 looking at you here)
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    Sfekke reacted to Bananasplit_00 in The Curious Case of the 12-pin Power Connector: It's Real and Coming with NVIDIA Ampere GPUs   
    At least have it be compatible with two PCIe six pins... Not this proprietary garbage pile
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    Sfekke got a reaction from Gegger in :P turns into an emoji   
    This is what I do on Discord as well : D instead if   *:D
    I'd prefer a way to turn this off, but the space fixes it mostly if not making it look a little silly      ;            D
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    Sfekke got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in :P turns into an emoji   
    This is what I do on Discord as well : D instead if   *:D
    I'd prefer a way to turn this off, but the space fixes it mostly if not making it look a little silly      ;            D
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    Sfekke reacted to Gegger in :P turns into an emoji   
    most of the time i just end up putting a space in between colon and letter, but this should be an option
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    Sfekke reacted to PositiveRaisin2 in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    You guys should try to break the y-cruncher benchmark record. I seems possible with the hardware you guys have.
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    Sfekke reacted to lordtaylor20 in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    how about a video where you fly over some broke-a@@ed Brit and build him a new pc to replace his crappy AMD FX build??????
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    Sfekke reacted to Kilrah in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    Good luck with that. Companies don't often let their engineers talk, especially not pre-launch.
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    Sfekke reacted to homeap5 in How often should I format my win 10.   
    As others says - never. At least until works. If you experienced some problems - try to fix problems. Windows itself works very good so it's big probability that problems are 3rd party software or even hardware related. Windows has built in diagnosis tools and if you really want to check is something wrong, you can always add another user account and check if problem is still there. I had once problem that was extremely hard to diagnose and solve, and switching to another user was my good temporary solution. But I am not a person who uses Windows like most of users, so in your case just using existing installation basically forever will be the best option. Unless you really like to install Windows and you have nothing interesting installed.
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    Sfekke got a reaction from Ayush007 in How often should I format my win 10.   
    I format whenever I screw up my install beyond repair or when it gets slow.
    Usually that is within a year, it's been 14 months now and I am planning a reinstall.
    About your problem, when you say :
    Do you mean the start menu opens? It shows the lock screen? Or it shows the desktop? If it goes to the desktop, what applications are running in the background?
    Did a notification show up? Those might also minimize the game.
    If you don't mess around with system files I agree with this; but when you start messing with the registry and tweaking Windows it doesn't take too long before you make a mistake.
  15. Informative
    Sfekke got a reaction from Ayush007 in How often should I format my win 10.   
    True, that'd make things a lot easier.
    I just don't because it feels nice having a fresh Windows install every now and again
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    Sfekke reacted to S.Hamed23 in What do you think about Linus's probable retirement?   
    Please participate in the poll
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    Sfekke reacted to Levent in What do you think about Linus's probable retirement?   
    His life, his choices.
  18. Agree
    Sfekke reacted to minibois in How often should I format my win 10.   
    I agree with the 'never, unless something is broken and only a format can fix it"
    Just make a system restore point/image before doing that stuff and you can simply step back to an earlier state of Windows, instead of doing a full restore.
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    Sfekke reacted to Samfisher in How often should I format my win 10.   
    Never if nothing is wrong.
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    Sfekke reacted to allworknoplay88 in Do you take LTT for granted?   
    With being a new fan of anything PC (3 months or so) I can definitely say due to the videos from Linus it has gotten me to buy a PC. Still not to the point to where I want to build a full system but I am slowly working up to that. 
    I could easily see myself if i was ever lucky enough to meet the company simply sitting back relaxing. 
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    Sfekke reacted to Theorica in Linus on Live Stream (I've been thinking of retiring)   
    10 million subs is a fairly significant event that is sure to be an emotional ride. I feel privileged that he's shared his feelings. If anything, I think he deserves to do as he wishes without any of us worrying about the business. Him and Yvonne built a damn solid group of individuals who can carry the brand(s)/channels and lighten the load on their shoulders and enter the era of fun instead of stress and long hours.

    The work / life balance problem is a very real one and I can totally relate to that.

    LTT and friends are some of my few favourite things and will continue to support them.

    I'm a single dad of two and when that happened over 10 years ago, Linus and later Luke and everyone else was there and in a very strange way, helped me through some very dark times. What a strange and wonderful thing that is. 

    My kids both, son and daughter now watch and are finally big enough to wear small sized merch. haha. Guess who's been told he needs to buy some merch again? And that's great!

    I don't have to worry about the content in that way because the trust is there and I don't have to worry about the content as far as everything else goes because again, the trust is there. For me, this is pretty special.

    So congratulations LTT on 10 million subs! Here's to your love of tech and what you've done with it. I look forward to seeing you, Linus and and the crew at LTX20!

    Cheers to him, his family, the LTT team at LMG, Floatplane and the fans! Thanks for all the small and large ways in how you've all been a part of helping me be a better dad. Seriously. 
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    Sfekke reacted to Rohith_Kumar_Sp in Linus on Live Stream (I've been thinking of retiring)   
    Linus if you're reading this. Just know you've helped so many people. Even though the make wish story was sad, just realize you've impacted so many others when they have been in thier low point in thier life, so never think what you're doing is not important, it is to someone out there who regularly comes back to your channel and just forgot about the problems in thier. That had to be worth it. 
    It's alright to take a break, but I watch wan show regularly for your commentary, not necessarily for tech news, so if you do take a break, it's your opinion I miss the most, since they've always matched my own, but don't quit, there's not a lot of you in todays age of YouTubers not being truthful to thier audience. 
    Just remember you'll always be the fact of PC, the one person everyone around links or talks about when talking about tech, you're basically keanu Reeves of PC TECH. 
    This hits me more because just Sunday I had mentioned about how glad I am LTT had remained constant since the beginning. 
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    Sfekke reacted to Jayl0cked in Linus on Live Stream (I've been thinking of retiring)   
    A letter to Linus:
    First off - Thanks for all the laughs and drops (lol) over the past 10 years Linus. You've always done things your way and forged ahead and that's made things interesting to watch! Congrats on 10M!
    I hear you though about real life problems versus you just being a youtube channel that sells some computer hardware at the end of the day we all know that. But, even if you don't realize it's more than that when it comes from you.
    I do hope you take more time off and spend time with your kids, engage in their passions, and show interest in their hobbies because honestly man in life your kids and wife are the most important thing and that's all you got at the end of the day. They're the ones that are going to remember you and those little moments like that time dad and I drove to my spelling B or baseball practice or whatever are the most important. I know i cherish the drives to hockey practice and soccer practice, drum lessons, etc with my dad i learned a lot about life from him on those drives. It wasn't about the sports or the activities it was about the time with my dad The channels will be fine and all of your hard work has paid off your staff are amazing and the channels imo have never had better content in all the years

    You can genuinely tell when you didn't go to CES this year the content felt fresh because you weren't there on no sleep feeling burnt out trying to deal with company stuff while filming videos that are written on the spot, etc, Riley, James and Alex did a fantastic job. Every time you come back from a vacation the content you film the week back is always better imo. I can tell you have a renewed passion again. The videos lately with Alex on the red camera rebuild and the checking out the equipment and how Alex is using it shows you can tell you're a bit like a proud dad watching his staff grow up.
    Here's why it matters more coming from you:
    Ultimately though Linus. You are a beacon. Content like yours paved the way for more creators and you've popularized and made it acceptable socially to be a big nerdy geeky kid who likes computers and wears socks and sandals. It's because of your face in mainstream youtube culture that kids watch and go hey it's okay to be me. It's okay to stand up for what I believe in and to love what I love and be comfortable doing it. You've taught me to be more comfortable in my skin and care less about what others think about me. And I am willing to bet there many young kids who are lost in middle school who see one of your videos and then follow your channel and come to realize that there is more out there and there is hope for them. You may not realize it  but you provide that hope. And you do it by being authentically, unapologetically YOU and dude I appreciate you.

    The main thing is Linus no matter what you do or where you go people will be there to support you because you are honest and genuine and those of us who've been fans over the years we know it and we support you because we respect what you got to say and the place it comes from. Yea a kid just building a computer along with a Linus guide might not seem like a lot but it truly does make a difference and now that you are and have been in a position to be recognized by a sick and dying kid whose make a wish was to work with Linus on his wish that's the moments in life you get to relish in your hard work and success and realize you truly did make a difference. Even if a very little one - you've left a mark on this earth Linus even if it's one kid getting a bit of joy out of a computer to take away the pain of his shitty circumstance in the great poker game of life then it is worth it. You've made a difference.
    I know we've never met in person but I respect what you got to say and even when I don't always agree with you I always want to hear what you think or what you believe because your thoughts have substance and value and come from a genuine place of honesty and good moral value and I appreciate that. And the awesome thing is we get to have a laugh often at your expense because of it
    I feel like we'd be good friends and be able to have some good debates over tea or something.

    At the end of the day though thank you Linus for building the "little tech review company that could..." for hiring great staff who have a vision and mind of their own. Thank you for the content and i can't wait to see what's next for Channel Super Fun or LTT or the next scrap yard wars like project. Here's to another 10M LTT subscribers whether or not you're the face we see or someone else I am sure we will always hear a good old fashioned too high pitched Linus rant one way or another
    Congratulations! 10M
  24. Informative
    Sfekke reacted to atxcyclist in Linus on Live Stream (I've been thinking of retiring)   
    I got a lot of these lessons early, started working at 15 and filing my taxes, learned to balance a checkbook, thankfully haven't had to learn the legal system (I know enough but not through practical experience), but school really is a bit of a sham. I graduated a while back too, and I hear it's getting worse; The only goal of schools now is to teach enough to pass standardized tests, because a high percentage of students passing the tests insures the school remains funded. Practical knowledge isn't important, which is a shame. Education should cover legitimate information that a person will need after they graduate.
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    Sfekke reacted to InsomniMac in Linus on Live Stream (I've been thinking of retiring)   
    I just wanna say.


    You have a legion of people willing to lay flat on highways for you. We're largely a silent majority, but we're just looking for you to point and say, "Go here, we're stopping THIS road".

    We're all just waiting to help out. You've put 150% into your work for years, you can't watch a single LTT video without seeing THE WORK. You've helped scores of people, and not just passively, directly a bundle of times.

    It's time to cash those chips in. Youtube's in a weird place right now, your company is killing it in a world that seems hopeless. It's January, seasonal depression is in full swing, but this is a great point to look at what you're doing and go, "Fuck, I can take the easy road, there's people who'll back me up".

    You have a small empire of followers. You have a deeper sense of meaning and care in what you're doing, and the products you see day in and day out are messing with you. The business models you see are wearing you down and you have bigger hopes than that. You have dreams.

    You pour yourself into your work and make connections there because your work is THE dream, it's a fantasy - a group of people telling the truth about products that will save them time. Some people build bridges, some people go to space, but it's all to respect other people's time. It all adds up. It might seem like your contributions are small, but they aren't, because you reach so... many... people. Way more than any single bridge anywhere.

    There's a lot of avenues, some of which seem grimy - but you've put in the work. You've slaved ENOUGH. You know this business better than freakin' anybody at this point.

    Pick a project. Something big but easy. Outsource a lot of it - there's a legion of people who are willing to help you.

    Youtube getting you down? Make a new youtube. Sounds crazy, but you know more about server tech than anybody, and youtube's been drowning in crazy lately.
    Kickstarter? I've got LTT fans in my computer, which I built based on your recommendations. I've built an entire camera rig based on your work. If you say it's a good PC part, I'm buying it. Hell if you just built 1 computer at $1000 and kept it constantly updated, I'd never choose my own parts again. I'll just freakin' buy it.
    Wanna be doing more for the people? That tree-firing cannon, while amusing, that's on the road. You know how to run a project, you build a non-profit company you can change the freakin' world, and we'll back you.

    A really easy one - write a book. I know, it sounds monumental.

    Hire a ghost-writer, and dictate it. Just... rant away about tech, about your experiences, about how you analyze a computer system. I'll preorder that book and it's easy to sell a book. It's a grooved path. I've bought several from other YT'ers and they were "meh" but I was just waiting for an opportunity to throw money at them.

    Critical Role, I've bought 3 of their books and did their kickstarter. I wasn't even into those books. I just felt it was due for the time I spent watching their stuff.

    That's what most people feel - they just want to support your projects. Those items sit on a shelf and we just feel good about throwing money at somebody who's worked that hard.

    Wanna cut down your content? Great - just take the presumption that we will follow your advice on 1 product every year. You say this is the best phone, I buy that phone. You've got the credibility. You're the authority on tech these days, so trim down what you're doing to what you want to be doing. I wanna see whatever crazy projects you come up with and I don't mind if they're haphazard or sketchy in nature. I don't think anybody does.

    You can start small. Your fans were a GREAT start, something easy and cheap that anyone can buy and benefit from. That's a product. Just your refinements alone are enough, I don't even need to watch the video. I know it's legit when you and your company say it's legit.

    You're right to be thinking of retirement, your life.... matters more than this. If you have to take drastic action, take it.

    But take the gravy train, pick an easy project and give us opportunities to throw money at you directly, because we will. We see the work every day. Just let all that work you've done studying these things and start pumping out something that'll help YOU.

    Anyway, you do you Linus, we're always here listenin'. There's always people who want to hear what you're up to and what we can do to be slaying it as hard as you are every day.

    Thank you for your time and contributions to the tech community.