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  1. Yuri57


    I just want to recommend this game, it really looks amazing and you don't need a fast computer to run it. Once you get the hang of it, it's real fun!
  2. Yuri57

    Cyberpunk Book

    Yeah I suppose videos might cover a lot of the info but this is a different packaging. More concept art and actual story-telling. I'm trying to limit the amount of videos I watch on youtube on Cyberpunk because I don't want to run into too many spoilers. I think this book provides just the right amount of background information you need to start and enjoy the game! :-)
  3. Hi Guys! I saw no official thread for Cyberpunk so I'm posting it here: I got a book called "World of Cyberpunk" to educate myself on the gameworld and have some idea about the setting / locations and you know, roughly what to expect. Made a review on the book on youtube; excuse my pronunciation, I'm not a native speaker
  4. nvme is not any faster in games than regular SATA III. Ryzen 4000 gonna be a lot more expensive.
  5. Get a bigger HDD, add an SSD and swap your PSU to Seasonic.
  6. I got this setup, it took 2 months to arrive but it is an absolute bargain: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_dSzkAFJ Runs extremely well!
  7. The 80 Ohm sounds a bit better and you can always fix the treble peak with EQ
  8. Ok, I found a solution for my problem. The memory controller isn't dieing, just showing it's limitations with 6x4GB of memory. I had to up VTT from 1.30V to 1.35V and downclock NB from 3600 to 3200 and also the CPU from 4200 to 4000 and now it works perfectly fine! :-)
  9. Hi Guyz! I had some issues with my build, latencies going off.... could you please check my post: Thanks!
  10. Hi! I have a S1366 system with a W3670 Xeon processor. After some testing, changing BIOS settings and so on my system became slower than expected. As you can see on the pictures latency for memory is very high, and also for L1, L2. In CPU-Z the single-threaded score is around 100 which is used to be 380! My score in Cinebench droped by 100 (~10%) appoximatly and AIDA64 score almost by half! So there is something very wrong with the system and I cannot figure out what... Tried changing memory timings, NB frequency, voltages and CPU OC settings but nothing seems t