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  1. thanks but just 1 more question they said to update BIOS for ME Firmware not for the motherboard or I'm wrong ?
  2. I'm doing a clean windows 10 install and I'm downloading my motherboard drivers gigabyte z170x gaming 5 but I can see that there is 2 version of the intel management intel inetrface the newer one has this note -t(Note) Please update the latest BIOS for ME Firmware before installing this driver does that mean that I need first t update my motherboatd bios to the latest version ? -https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-Z170X-Gaming-5-EU-rev-10#support-dl
  3. in msi afterburner you can only play with the core clock and memory clock of the card and just monitor the temp I cant see that you can play with the voltage in msi afterburner right ?
  4. I have 2 questions : 1-my sapphire r9 390 with valley benchmark ultra at 1440p give me average of 40 fps if I want to overclock it with the msi afterburner program will I get for example 50 fps instead of 40 ? 2-does overclocking the card with msi afterburner give more voltage also ? does it bad for the card ? can it reduce its lifespan ? I have i7 6700k sapphire r9 390 nitro
  5. according to hwinfo 64 12v rail is 11,952v 5v rail is 5,010 3,3v rail is 3,285 according to corsair link 12v rail is 12,20 v 5v rail is at 5v 3,3v rail is at 3.30v I can see that the 12v rail is a bit high 12,20 ? while in hwinfo 64 is a bit low ? same as the 3,3 v do I need to worry ?
  6. i was gaming on m 1050p 60fps monitor playing battlefield 4 and 1 and pubg then i bought the dell u2715h 8ms and i didn't notice any stutter or ghosting same as my old 1050p 4ms monitor and even better because it is 1440p so why most people say 8ms is slow ?
  7. I have the dell u 2715h connected to my pc via mini DP to DP but in settings I can see an option for DP which is disabled do I need to enable it ?
  8. thanks for answering I'm thinking of buying this dell u2715h it has 8 ms to 6ms respond time ips panel but I think 8ms is so slow maybe my games will stutter ? or even opening a folder will take a long time ? I know the s2716dg from dell has 1ms it will be a lot more faster but it has tn I really want a good colors while gaming also my video card will not push more than 70 to 80 fps so getting 144hz for me is useless I only worry about the respond time I don't my (even) moving my mouse in desktop or while gaming to be slower due to the high
  9. while I'm playing battlefield 4 I alt+tab to open a web browser tab for example youtube when I finish from that browser tab and I want to go back to battlefield 4 I just press the x button to close that tab and go back to battlefield 4 but when I press the x button to close the tab my whole PC freeze even ctrl alt tab will not work if I'm not playing battlefield and I close the web browser tab by pressing the x my PC will NOT freeze it only happen if I was running battlefield in the backround I have i7 6700k Not overclocked gigabyte z170x gaming 5 sap
  10. 1-Dell Gaming S2716DG 27 2-AOC AG271QX 27'' 2k LED 3-Asus PG278QR 27'' LED which has the best quality parts that will last 4 to 5 years without any single problems or dead pixels happening during its lifespan ? I have an old Xerox 22 inch 1050p monitor since 7 years without any problem or dead pixel also I heard AOC monitors have the worst quality is that right ?
  11. with a second 22 inch monitor I already have ?
  12. for Christmas sale tonight maybe there will be a discount ? also before the launch I saw 2 million players now there are only 900k maybe the players are moving to the xbox version ? I don't want to buy the game and then playing alone on the server after some weeks I remember what happened with me when I bought dayz