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  1. Or even the Nokia Beam Pro.. That's what it's called. Sorry. Just goge it there are loads of websites on it
  2. What would be an equivalent then?
  3. Hello. Any news on this Nokia beam? Any ideas if it is actually happening or not? Thanks James
  4. would a range booster help? What is the fastest speeds i can see on h+?
  5. OK thanks. I have just noticed i am actually not on 4G at all, but H+. Is there a reason for this? If i stand in a specific window, i can get 4 bars, but no 4G. The LTE discovery said nothing about Band 3 or 20. Thanks James
  6. I use manjaro, and i can vouch for it. I am nearly ready to ascend to arch but i need a stable(ish) computer as well ? . Manjaro is fun, because it is arch but stable I used to dual boot but then i bought a laptop that has windows 10 on it and dual booted that instead
  7. Hello, So i have an unlimited 4G plan with "3". The speeds i get are around 2MBps on a good day with the 4g hotspot from my phone sat in the window. This is better than the 400kbps internet speed that BT is willing to give us (would pay more for more speed but they don't offer it here). What i want to know is how to get a better reception. I want to use a similar thing to these 4G modems, but i want to use my phone's sim (without removing it from the phone because i don't want to have to do that every time i want to use the internet). I would like to use a USB C solution, as then i
  8. If i have to buy another system that defeats the point of fixing this one doesnt it
  9. Well there must be a way to do it, otherwise how would panasonic replace hard drives? Also, the machine opens the disk drive waiting for a firmware disk
  10. I don't need the hard drive. I just need an ISO of the Firmware install disc for the machine
  11. So i have recently been fixing my old DVD recorder from Panasonic (A DMR-EX77EB-K), replacing 3 capacitors that had blown. Now she powers on (yay) but will not get further, as the HDD is dead as well. It was getting smaller and smaller before it went pop (bad sectors i think) so i'm not that surprised that it is dead. I have another IDE HDD on hand anyway so i can swap it in. The only thing is, i need the firmware CD/DVD to load firmware onto the machine. Anybody know where i can find this? Will an update be able to install the base firmware? Thanks James
  12. lol. I re-installed with 18 rather than 17, selecting the english option!
  13. oh. megabytes. bloody hell man. must take you a couple of mins to download a new AAA game... I envy you...