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    xWeegix reacted to GOTSpectrum in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    AWARDS!!! Come get em while they be hot!
    And that wraps up the event!
    Please use the folding community board listed in the blog post for any other folding discussions!
    Thanks everyone!
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    xWeegix reacted to Den-Fi in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Idk how some of my WU got sent to Stuart Hall School, but I feel like driving there and taking them back. 😡
    Because that's definitely how points work.

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    xWeegix reacted to DonGuano in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Like this?

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    xWeegix reacted to Tomatodude95 in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    You can set your client to advanced or beta mode to get WU that aren't (quite) validated yet and have a higher chance of failing, but there is more available work so you will most likely see a more consistent stream of WUs.

    You enable it by going into the advanced control application and then to the settings of you client, under advanced you can set an extra option called client-type and value of advanced. If you only want it for a certain slot you can also add it in your slot configuration at the bottom under extra options.
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    xWeegix reacted to minibois in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Remember, fellas: 
    Games are temporary.
    Imaginary folding points and the benefits of research? Permanent.
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    xWeegix reacted to Drtjmper in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    I use chrome remote desktop while i'm out, works well enough to keep an eye on the folding clients.
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    xWeegix reacted to GOTSpectrum in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Peer pressure does not work on someone with no grasp of social constructs 
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    xWeegix reacted to LAR_Systems in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    This comment made me realize I did not know what day of the event we were at... or the day of the week...
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    xWeegix reacted to rkv_2401 in Folding Community Board   
    Finally, 10 million for the team.

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    xWeegix reacted to Lightdrake77 in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Norten security deleted the altered fah file!
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    xWeegix reacted to Thaltrad in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    note: also make sure to backup the old file before rewriting it
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    xWeegix reacted to Dutch_Master in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Wooot!! Passed 50k points today!
    Got a huge 48hr CPU WU 2 days ago and it finished about 5hrs ago (netting me some 13k points), now chewing on another 10hr one (and about halfway) The current one is Project 13850, but can't recall the big one and I don't have an Advanced client (only the basic one). Mind, this is on an ancient AMD A8-3870 APU 😲 (headless, Devuan Linux, 32GB RAM, no graphics drivers installed)
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    xWeegix reacted to Lightdrake77 in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    If you dont get assigned a WU try to delete the slot affected in the advanced settings. save ... wait until the slot disappears in the "work quene" section, then add the slot again.
    it should only take up to 2 minutes to get assigned a new one then... at least this is my experience!
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    xWeegix reacted to yaboistar in Folding Community Board   
    generally, folding on a laptop is not reccomended but if it's a scrap laptop then you might as well
    if you're having that many overheating issues i advise you repaste the machine. the 950m will complete work units very very slowly and your cpu may actually be a better contributor but you can only try these things
    nonetheless, clean it out, re-paste it. if you have a heatsink sitting around anywhere, put that ontop of the charger brick as those tend to get pretty toasty
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    xWeegix reacted to GOTSpectrum in Folding Community Board   
    Limit your framerate to something like 120. You'll be pushing 200-300FPS which will tank your GPU. 
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    xWeegix reacted to justpoet in Folding Community Board   
    I've had 4 systems going with 12 slots.  I only got a few WUs overnight and this morning.  I think it is time for me to throw in the towel and just go to the spare slots on the usual server.  I'm just pushing lots of wattage to do nothing at this point, like I have been most of the event, and am so far out of point possibility that even if the contest was the driving factor, I couldn't compete anyway now even if instant WUs were a thing.
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    xWeegix reacted to GOTSpectrum in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    My face, this was me. Like WTF @RILEYISMYNAME !
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    xWeegix reacted to Lisster in Weight loss challenge for LTX2020?   
    I'm in since i'm already doing it. Was 317 last august and am down to 280 atm. Think i can make 230 by LTX? gonna try!
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    xWeegix reacted to GOTSpectrum in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    Welcome back into the fold! May your WUs be high and your Watts low. 
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    xWeegix reacted to GOTSpectrum in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19
    Starts March, 27th (00:00 GMT)
    Ends April, 9th (23:59 BST)
    Sign up for the event here:
    Sign ups will close March 26th, 23:30 (GMT)!
    Thank you to all who have joined and are folding.
    If you have missed the deadline to register for the event you can still fold for the LTT team (# 223518) and help fight Covid-19!
    If you are unsure on how to fill in the form ask on the thread below. If you make a mistake filling out the form please use the thread linked below.
    Folding@home team LTT id#: 223518
    (This event is only for folding for team LTT you will not qualify if you are folding independent or for another team, sorry.)
    This event will NOT be eligible for F@H event badges.
    Please read the whole of this post before asking any questions and use the links provided at the end for help and support!
    If anyone is willing to help with data handling please PM me ASAP!
    Please follow this thread to keep up to date!
    Minimum Participation Requirements For Prizes
    10 Days with activity* & 500,000 Points
    (*activity is defined as completing at least 1WU for the 24 hour period)
    This is our highest yet but should be possible for most people seeing as most modern GPUs and CPUs can hit this. These must be met DURING the event. Points produced before the start date do not count!
    (possibly more to come)
    Community donated prizes:
    17x random Steam keys - Donated by @GOTSpectrum
    31x random Steam Keys - Donated by @desert1701
    20x random Steam keys - Donated by @Jaom
    10x random Steam Keys - donated by @HrutkayMods
    10x Steam keys for 'Broken Lines' - Donated by the games publisher Super.com
    10x Steam keys for 'Biped' - Donated by the games publisher META Publishing
    23x random Steam Keys - Donated by @ShirleyNeko
    1x uplay key - Donated by @ShirleyNeko
    23x random Steam Keys - Donated by @Jackz
    70x random Steam keys - donated by @Cbwgoose
    7x random Steam keys - Donated by @jakkuh_t
    13x random Steam keys - Donated by @DocDv
    x3 random Steam Keys - Donated by @MovvarK
    25x random Steam keys - Community pool of keys
    Draw - All Ranks
    50USD Steam Gift Card - Donated by @Jawa_Juice
    Draw - Ranks 1-49
    3x 25USD Steam Gift Cards - Donated by @it4hoomanz
    Draw Ranks 50-99, 100-149, 150-199
    1x Humble Bundle Month - Donated by @Rbleattler
    Draw Ranks 200-399
    2x 50USD Steam gift Card - Donated by @Zberg
    Draw Ranks - 1-499, 500-1000
    50USD Steam key - Donated by @Zberg
    *The rank is predetermined but remaining undisclosed to stop people from trying to target a certain rank. 
    With the advent of COVID-19 WUs we have decided to launch an emergency response of our own. It's time to gear up our clocks and push again. For once more, united we stand, core to core, shoulder to shoulder. Not simply for glory,  but to take the fight to COVID-19. We will not sit by with idle GPUs. We will not go gently into that good night. We will take up arms for all of mankind. This is the oath we will all take to ourselves by signing up here.
    We will be folding for 14 days, the recommended isolation period for those with suspected COVID-19.
    MINI GIVEAWAY! (checked if okay with @leadeater)
    I have created a Gleam.io giveaway to entice people to share the Folding Event on twitter!
    5x random Steam Keys - Donated by @GOTSpectrum
    This giveaway is not endorsed or affiliated with LMG in anyway and it 100% run by me.
    Please feel free to enter!!!!
    Folding@home is a network of volunteer computers distributed around the world that aims to perform biomedical research with the single intent of helping to further understand and develop cures for a range of diseases such as; Alzheimer's, cancer, and Parkinson's. The exact research that is done is simulating the 'folding' of proteins in the body, this is important because the function of a protein id directly related to its physical shape. And this, when the protein is created in the body it needs to reshuffle its shape to get into the correct structure to perform its task. Many illnesses can be linked to faulty proteins in the body such as many cancers and neurological issues, along with a wide number of other general health concerns. This network if compared with the TOP500 list of supercomputers would fall into 2nd, Folding@home is one of the world's fastest computing systems, with a speed of approximately 98.7petaFLOPS. It would be 50% faster than the fastest x86 computer currently listed on the top500. 
    But this is not why we are here, we are here to join the legion of other folders from around the globe who have taken up the fight against COVID-19.
    Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common across the world.  These viruses can cause mild symptoms ranging from a fever and cough to more serious conditions such as severe pneumonia, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. 
    In December 2019, a new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) was first identified in Wuhan City, China.  This virus has now spread to other countries.  The UK Chief Medical Officers have declared the risk to the public to be moderate. But the risk to individuals remains low.
    PASSKEYS! (they're really important)
    Don't forget to get yourself a passkey from the link below to ensure that you hit the points requirement, the passkey is a feature that was added a while ago to the Folding Client that helps to authenticate each user on the network, an added bonus of this is the fact that it allows you to qualify for QRB(Quick Return Bonus) Points, QRBs are extra points you earn for submitting work units more quickly, such as if you have faster hardware or let the client fold full time, rather than on idle. QRB credit is awarded after 10 WUs have been submitted. You can get your passkey from the link below.
    This is just a PSA for the new guys here, the folding team is a small close knit community, so here's a few things I'd like you all to keep in mind. It doesn't hurt to say thank you, if someone has genuinely helped you out don't forget to drop a reaction on their posts, help others where ever you can and finally we are a team first and always. 
    Check your stats out here! Bare in mind it can take some time for your first WUs to appear so leave it a day or two.
    Please follow the guides below to help with set-up and troubleshooting. These are mostly older guides but are still quite useful for most things, we are working on an improved guide and are hoping to have it ready for prime time withing the next month but in meantime these will have to do. Big Thanks to @Metallus97 for giving me a hand with the FAQ for the event and taking some of the load from me. 
    Read the Event blog to keep up to date With any announcements!!! 
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    xWeegix reacted to GOTSpectrum in Folding Community Board   
    Well guys it looks like I'm finally moving!
    This does mean that unfortunately I am going to be without internet for some time, although I will stay active on the forum via my phone I'm not going to be folding! THE HORROR!!!
    Hope you are all folding well!
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    xWeegix reacted to GOTSpectrum in Folding Community Board   
    Well guys, I got in from work last night and just crashed, I've awoken to the foldatron being offline and my partner has taken a bad turn. We're waiting for the nurse to come out. In the meantime it's meds, breakfast and then carting the server down stairs so I can work out what's wrong. Let's hope his nothing serious eh.
  24. Informative
    xWeegix reacted to Cash091 in LTX Outside of LTX   
    There's a whole bunch of places. It's not going to be anything extravagant... just kind of neat.
  25. Agree
    xWeegix reacted to TheSwayzieExpress in Best way to transport gaming pc   
    I'm coming from Colorado, so I'm looking at 29 hours but I think it'll be worth it to have a nice monitor and PC there. Also I plan on exploring canada and have planned a longer trip to allow me to see more of Canada. I'd definitely recommend finding a travel buddy, it'll help the drive go faster. Good luck!