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  1. #EssentialCrew Too bad I can't keep an eye on my folding clients when I'm at work. It's bad out in the still functioning parts of the service industry.
  2. yup hopefully this doesn't break another 99% WU for me. Luckly there seem to be a lot more available.
  3. hmmm I found even with the error they still send you a verification email so... ?
  4. Anyone else having troubles signing up for a tixr account? I'm not getting the captcha prompt and it errors out with no captcha verification when trying to make an account on Chrome and FF.
  5. wow nice push at the end! you beat me by 40k points ? sadly I lost a 970 a few days before the end ?
  6. Happily been foldin' solid and also as solid is my placement. I'm quite happy with how things turned out overall.
  7. There are some real contenders coming up. I fear I'm going to lose a few places to those 2mil+ peeps right behind me. ?
  8. I feel ya Arrogath... I'm stuck at a solid 52 now... 4mil difference and at 2 mil a day I can't close the gap unless someone close to us decides to stop. Although I picked up a couple good deals on used cards this month! ? Might as well keep folding afterwards since hydro is affordable and it keeps my gas bill down.
  9. I'm comfortably leading the lower half. Lets see if consistency will have me break through! Edit: lower half of the top 100 ?
  10. I thought travelling will be a little sketchy. Me and my wife will be flying out there for BYOC but I plan to have a mini-ITX build to minimize the size and weight. She really wants to bring her main glass panel rig tho so I'm glad there are good suggestions on insta-pack, static bags, and parts removal. I'll have to see what works
  11. Great show! Minor stuttering at the start but solid throughout. James played a solid host. Dennis was amazing and nice to see Yvonne throw some mean salt. Love the content!