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  1. Quick story: I recently took a course in uni about how product design affects user interaction. I learned a lot of new things from this video that my classes didn't cover, such as working with existing manufacturers to avoid reinventing the whole product and cutting costs down. I'm pretty sure there are other (boring) steps that the video didn't cover like user studies or other prototyping steps for the test rig and such. I'm glad it all ended up great and they're marketing it well to the customers. The only thing that managed to surprised me is how they managed to price all sizes of mousepad
  2. Caught a glimpse of the website before it crashed. Apparently only pre-orders in US and Canada for now. God knows when or if it'll make it to worldwide, by then we'd likely get a 2nd gen iteration already
  3. As smart as the tech may sound, people will find even smarter (or dumb) ways to circumvent it. They tried to make people "healthier" by offering discounts on health insurance if they walk few thousand steps daily. The measurement is done using your phone's or smartwatch's pedometer. Didn't take long for people to figure this out. https://www.indiatimes.com/technology/news/chinese-are-cheating-daily-fitness-goals-with-this-cradle-hack-to-maintain-health-insurance-367313.html
  4. Summary John McAfee was found dead in his cell after Spanish High Court agreed to extradite McAfee to the United States. His death was ruled as suicide. Quotes My thoughts I honestly don't know what to say other than prayers for his family and hope the incident will be thoroughly investigated to ensure no foul play. Sources https://nypost.com/2021/06/23/john-mcafee-dies-by-suicide-inside-prison-in-barcelona/ https://www.dw.com/en/john-mcafee-found-dead-in-prison-after-spanish-court-permits-extradition/a-58023664 https://www
  5. SMS forwarding is bad. Even though I don't use google voice, still good riddance to this feature. SMS forwarding won't (and should never) catch on if services won't stop using SMS as fallback for sending OTP codes.
  6. I wonder where will this place in the Windows good-bad cycle. Win 10 has kinda mixed reviews as it gets better (?) over updates since launched. Assuming Win 10 is "good" (?) then Win 11 would be...?
  7. Summary: Benchmarks and hashrates for the new RTX 3060 LHR (GA106-302, the one with the new SKU) are released on EXPreview.com [1], based on a model from ZOTAC released exclusively in China two weeks ago [2]. Upon first mining tests, it seems that the card would immediately start with a lower hash rate, unlike the original RTX 3060 which lowers its hash rate after running a period of time [3]. This supports the previous rumors that Nvidia would implement further changes to the limiter, possibly at hardware level instead of relying on software/drivers [4]. The new RTX 3060 performs around
  8. ebay is the closest thing that comes to mind. Search for your specs or model and filter by "sold articles". it gives you a rough idea of its price or just list it on ebay already and let the bidders decide. it's probably going to be fair enough price
  9. Maybe, reinstall windows and complete wipe the system? might as well get rid of the bloatware that comes with the manufacturer. Or you can try to claim warranty if it still doesn't work
  10. Monitor might be misconfigured. Did you make sure it runs on 165hz? Might help to compare with benchmarks of the game with similar specs. For competitive games, the frame rate could reach 165 fps (turn on freesync to prevent tearing) For non-competitive games, like SOTR or AC series you could sacrifice frame rates for quality and still manage 60 fps, which is worth the experience for these kinds of games anyways.
  11. You know people would pay extra to get static IP right? Disadvantages are probably your IP could be used to track your activities but it doesn't make any difference if you're logged in and don't clear cookies often.
  12. I say it's alright. I paid about the same during that time for a ASUS Arez Strix Vega 56 OC. You should try undervolting that card to get the most out of it. They're almost always too hot and draws lots of power. I had a Vega 56 before and just undervolt (no overclocking) made about 10% performance increase and runs few degrees cooler and less power. It pretty much stopped throttling. There's also the flashing it with Vega 64 bios hack but I didn't go for it because I didn't want stability issues.
  13. probably not. they said they're applying the limiters to newly manufactured cards, it wouldn't make sense to keep manufacturing the old ones as well while selling the CMP lineup alongside. You can probably still mine other coins than ETH though
  14. Summary Nvidia finally officially announces its "Lite Hash Rate" series for their RTX 3060 Ti, 3070, and 3080 lineup. The new cards will be shipping from late May and will be labeled as such with "LHR" identifier. These cards will run on reduced ETH hash rates. Quotes My thoughts They only mentioned ETH hash but didn't mention other hashing algorithms used by other coins. Since ETH 2.0 is coming anyways (likely late 2021) and ETH won't be mineable with GPUs then, it feels like whatever action they're taking is a mere stop gap measure. Once miners switch unt
  15. I like this. GPU shortage is the hot topic here lately, so what if you guys do a video about video cards that can be used as stand-in until you get a proper GPU. This one is for the viewers who got no on-board graphics and would like to keep the CPU they got. First of all it should perhaps explain what low end cards like GT710 and GT1030 are and how they are worse (or better?) than used old cards at similar price points and what their actual values would be in a world where these cards actually make it into consideration. Points that could be addressed: - Performance compared to on
  16. Hmm... good point, I'll take it into consideration Mining aside, between 3060 and 3060Ti, the 3060 proposes a great value to performance but I couldn't find resources that compares between brands of 3060. I know the reason for this is probably the shortage of the product itself posing difficulty for tech reviewers to make a thorough comparison. Still, any hints on which brand would be the most recommendable? or should I just wait it out until prices return reasonable? The priority is still replacing the Vega 56 before it becomes obsolete/worthless
  17. Thanks for the insight, now it makes sense. But wouldn't eventually everyone just switch to the next profitable coin anyways when the time comes? It just happens that currently ETH is the most profitable to mine right now and will be for at least enough time to make decent profit out of it. I'm not too worried. Also 3060 unlocked drivers are out there, at least I'd be able to mine until breaking even before giving in to driver updates.
  18. Budget (including currency): €150-300. Price/performance ratio preferred. Country: Germany Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: - Mining (mostly ETH) - Games I've been playing lately: Apex Legends, Dota 2, Civ6, Yakuza series - Games I'd like to play: RDR2? AC games... I haven't put more thought into it but at least I'd want it to be future proof. Part list: pcpartpicker.com list here B450 Tomahawk Max Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4GHz + NH-U12A 2x8GB DDR4 3000 RAM G.Skill Aegis AMD RX Vega 56 (ASUS ROG Arez Strix Gaming OC) with Sams
  19. The real question though that the project is done, will it see any use or will it just sit somewhere in a showcase? Surely it wouldn't be torn apart and scraped for parts like other past projects?
  20. Someone debunked this on r/EtherMining TL;DR PhoenixMiner binaries were hosted on MEGA until they shut it down so it's no longer uploaded there. NH is allegedly trying to twist this with FUD claiming PhoenixMiner is "compromised" and telling people to switch to their own miner instead. According to staff, the "compromised" version was never pushed to users anyway. So they're trying to say that PhoenixMiner has been compromised since previous versions as well? Their arguments just doesn't make sense. I'm pretty sure whatever they're trying to comm
  21. Basically lesson to learn: spend money on your dev team, not just your marketing. Marketing brings in money but devs bring in results.
  22. The problem was the list showed Taiwan in the list of "Ranking of top countries" which implied Taiwan is a country on its own, hence China got pissed. This is why today YouTube shows it as "Top Geographies" instead. The change happened literally during the weeks after the controversy arose.
  23. For better context this is not the first time ASUS sponsors Hololive. These were streamed before by talents of Hololive. ASUS also sponsors other virtual streamers from various agencies and/or independent talents as part of their marketing campaign in Japan: e.g. Nijisanji, one of the biggest vtuber agencies in Japan Here's a link to a reddit discussion in r/hololive regarding the current event, but it's locked because it got political. (Crossposted in r/VirtualYoutubers) Tweet from associated talent, basically "stream is canc
  24. I get the notion to partition drives. Back in the day, if the windows OS is screwed up by some virus or data corruption, you're forced to reformat the whole partition (cure all solution for most of the time), hence people partition their drives to separate system data and personal data. That way only system data would be lost, so you get a fresh install of windows and can then do virus removal on the data partition. Basically people tried to emulate having two drives with a single drive. This is however no longer much of a concern. In a modern Windows 10 system there are repair to