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    Photography, tech and having a good time. I love recording and experimenting with cameras.
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    I'm an average teen.
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  1. Quick note, if the drone has a gimble, u should be fine as far as I know in terms of getting a traxxass.
  2. Attaching a GoPro to a drone is a bad idea, my friend should know. Generally, I agree a DJI is best but go with a cheap, new model. Something for consumers, obviously. I'm pretty new to this, but I believe Maverick or Spark are safe bets. Hope I have offered some help here.
  3. So, as you may have heard, Vidme is shutting down.The reason why is not clear, but many have speculated it's due to competition with youtube (an obvious reason). As well as this, vidme has had so-called 'apocalypse'. Either way, I think it's sad such creativity has to go because of a saturated market.
  4. It would be, they have no resale value once stolen, or even second hand at that.
  5. Just say "Wagwan pifting what's ur BBM pin" works every time for me. If u wanna get a slap or something. The girl better be a 10/10 for this to work, if it's below, stop and relocate. Also, don't assume genders, some may be attack helicopters, I am.
  6. I don't like apples tbh. I like apple products tho. If I throw an iPhone at a doctor, does that mean he leaves me alone, or is he just knocked out and needs a doctor to help him? I could weaponise my iPad! The plot thickens once more I know it has been overused already here, but who cares?
  7. Sam.

    Cheap xBox

    Yeah, pretty much
  8. Sam.

    Cheap xBox

    Having a look and I have found a decent xBox second hand from GAME. I will consider hat you mentioned, however. Also, the X is cheaper. But if I find a cheaper S I would get one.
  9. Sam.

    Cheap xBox

    I'll have a look Around £100, but less if possible. All I need is console, charging cable and a remote.
  10. Sam.

    Cheap xBox

    Hey. I'm looking to get an Xbox 1 for Christmas, but don't want an X or S model. Can anyone suggest a cheap one I can order/buy in the UK?
  11. Hey, check out luminar. It is about $40 to preorder now. It's above your budget but I'm not sure if you can get anything good for under that unfortunately. Edit: GIMP is a free alternative to photoshop.
  12. If this is the case, you may have to stay like this. I know how creators won't be getting all the money from staying like this, but if you have found there is no way to get through to Google, I can't really help. Sorry.