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    ptirth96 reacted to matt-fr in Why are you on Floatplane?   
    My way of supporting LTT, knowing that Youtube/Twitch don't get a cut of it.
    I rarely go on floatplane and watch the videos/streams on Youtube ?
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    ptirth96 reacted to Firewrath9 in Which of these laptops is better?   
    The asus one, the ram and 2 more cpu cores will help make it last longer.
  3. Like
    ptirth96 reacted to Oshino Shinobu in What different types of cards are there (sound card, gpu, etc.)   
    There's a lot. 
    Graphics Card
    Sound Card
    Network Interface Card
    Wireless Network Interface Card
    Thunderbolt Card
    RAID Card
    SATA Card
    M.2 Adaptor Card
    USB Card
    eSATA Card
    The list goes on. There's a lot of PCIe and PCI add in cards. There's also a tonne of speciality and niche cards, it's basically impossible to list them all. 
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    ptirth96 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Is a ssd slow at first time using it ?   
    No. Whats the problem? did you just clone it? Try a fresh install.
  5. Agree
    ptirth96 reacted to Lurick in Anybody have any knowledge on Switches?   
    Those are all managed switches, if you don't know how to configure and manage them I would HIGHLY recommend not messing with them.
  6. Agree
    ptirth96 reacted to Colty in new latop   
    SSD and RAM would probably get it feeling like new again. 
  7. Agree
    ptirth96 reacted to Thunderzzu in 8700k dead After bios update   
    By getting a new CPU i sure as hell hope you mean you're RMA-ing the old one? And how do you know it's the CPU that's dead? It could be the mobo dying after a failed bios update
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    ptirth96 reacted to Windspeed36 in Any alternatives to aida64 for stress test   
    Or you know, don't pirate software.
  9. Agree
    ptirth96 reacted to genexis_x in Need help picking a laptop   
    S510UA is mediocre. UX330UA is excellent.
    Kaby Lake Refresh CPUs are decent enough and can match performance of 7th gen HQ CPUs.
  10. Agree
    ptirth96 reacted to wasab in Password Cracking   
    Much of the tools on kali are open source and open to all on github anyhow. You dont have to apt-get install from a repo, although it is usually more convenient. Downloading the source code from github and compiling it yourself the good old fashion way works too.