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  1. Hi Glen - i`ve got a question , Is the Samsung 49" LC49HG90DMNXZA CHG90 QLED Curved Gaming Monitor FreeSync a good buy at $ 200.00 us if i have to replace the Screen ? And Yes i know i Should be Looking For the 34" Version at 1440P resolution with 1ms response at 144hrz . I Just wondering if the 49" would be a Good buy at $ 200.00 us If i Have to replace the Screen . 


    1. James Fox

      James Fox

      i am just wondering* ( From above ) 

    2. LukeSavenije


      you can also just ask everyone in a tread. glenwing isn't the only monitor guy here (not that i am one btw)

  2. am i in the right place ? Is This the Realm Luke - Please Stand Up - Pleas Stand Up - lulz

  3. delivery kernel and the storage controller is the main cause of intel leaks , and they are leaking , Still , dont let anyone deter you into believing they have Fixed it ( ??? ) 

  4. Ok Kyle , I`m  IN !!! GAME ON BRAH !!! 

  5. Ok , Linus . Kyle in-couraged me to join . So Lets make Peace . 

  6. Ok Kyle , I`m  IN !!! GAME ON BRAH !!!