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  1. Update: I figured why my Kingston "S" scratch drive was running slow, I had it connected to a Marvel 6G port on my motherboard, when I connected it to my Intel 6G port, it was above 500MB/s on both read and write. I not know much about the Marvell ports but I have it set in AHCI mode in the Bios and others on the web say it just runs slow, so I will avoid it unless anyone knows how to make it fast. As for the Crucial 960GB M500 drive I am running the "Active Garbage Collection" for the next 8 hours to see if that will fix it.
  2. Funny I just created a video about this drive yesterday too. A year after using it has lost a lot of speed, can anyone tell my why? Watch my video here. The drive test is the one on the bottom, my S drive. I just checked and the firmware is up to date. I also reformatted the entire drive (slow foramt) and that did not help.
  3. Linus, Thanks for all the help you have given me with your videos, I finally made my first computer build. I mentioned you several times in the video about the fans that you love so much. http://www.learningdslrvideo.com/new-editing-computer-build/ Thanks! Dave