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    _kR15n reacted to The Torrent in Shrink Start Menu   
    Yea but u can’t remove plain grey bar so best settle for something
  2. Agree
    _kR15n reacted to rx590overclocker in New pc build recommendations   
    I would totally take a build like that.  For the gpu, get the XT, for 144hz.  That psu will have plenty of power.
  3. Agree
    _kR15n reacted to NZgamer in Shrink Start Menu   
    oh sorry can't help you there. Might need a 3rd party program.
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    _kR15n reacted to Weinrib in New pc build recommendations   
    Awesome. Yeah, I'm definetly leaning on the EVGA one. He is not interested in hardware stuff nor OC'ing, that's why I chose the 3600. But I'll check on the 3600x for upgradeability
  5. Agree
    _kR15n reacted to Catsrules in Shrink Start Menu   
    Not that I know of. The smallest I can make it is if I unpin all of the items I can move my mouse to the edge of the start menu and you get an option to shrink the start menu by clicking and draging the edge to be smaller. But it stops right where the program menu is.
  6. Informative
    _kR15n reacted to Oshino Shinobu in Remote access   
    I'd take a look into SoftEther VPN. 
    There's quite a few guides on Youtube of how to set it up, both server and client side. 
    For streaming games, I'm not too sure on the best option for that, I'm not too familar with it.
  7. Informative
    _kR15n reacted to Jarsky in Remote access   
    I don't understand the want to play video games when going away on a holiday.....
    As for a solution though....you'd probably be best using Hamachi + Steam InHome Streaming. 
    You'll need a decent upload though of at least a few Mbit, and you'll want to keep it under ~100ms or it could get pretty laggy 
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    _kR15n reacted to SenKa in Keyboard partially not working   
    Sounds like an incorrectly attached ribbon. You may have tore the ribbon during disassembly (we all have, no shame in it).
    Break the laptop back down, re-seat the keyboard connector, and try again. See what changes. If it is still bad, it's time for a new keyboard.
  9. Informative
    _kR15n reacted to mariushm in C++ program   
    Ah, if you add more than 1 number at the end , then you'll have to add one number at a time, or multiply the original number by 10/100/1000 and so on, as many zeros as the number of digits.
    You can determine the number of digits by repeatedly dividing the number by 10 and checking if rest is 0
    // append 15 to 1234  => 123415
    int basenumber = 1234;
    int number = 15;
    int counter = 1;
    int temporary = 0;
    temporary = number;
    while (temporary >10) {
      counter = counter + 1;
      temporary = temporary / 10;
    while (counter > 0) {
     basenumber = basenumber * 10;
     counter = counter - 1;
    basenumber = basenumber + number;
    ... something like this ... i'm writing it directly in the forum here, so it may have errors.
  10. Informative
    _kR15n reacted to minibois in C++ program   
    Yep. You could even make that sort of an 'if statement' thing.
    Power it by the base number by (10 ^ digits of user input).
    So if the user inputs 124, that's 3 digits, 10³ = 1000
    (I may not have called the power of thing correctly, math is not really my thing)
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    _kR15n got a reaction from sushimus in Jankiest Thing You've Done?   
    zip tied fans, of which the back two are not even connected, a hdd resting on screws without any support, a zip tied aio radiator, not even supported by anything front io, as well as the start button, and a ssd screwed through drilled holes to support it all in a 2004-5 asus case with completely cut front side for any kind of airflow (the original case had hdd mounts there), and without a side panel. Ran like this for 4-5 months until i got an actual case.
    Edit (forgot to mention):
    Not even the new case is jank free, its a view 27 to which i have hotglued an led strip which is connected to a motherboard without a rgb strip header and is actually soldered to a fan header connected to pwr_fan header on the motherboard (i should mention that its a W strip and not an RGB strip)
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    _kR15n got a reaction from LogicalDrm in Bottom case fan as intake or exhaust?   
    intake because hot air rises
    the lack of the top fan mount wont br a problem, i have a view 27 and the cooling is fine
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    _kR15n got a reaction from Schnoz in Show off your old and retro computer parts   
    Athlon 64 (not sure about the rating), 512+256mb of ddr333 ram, an ati graphics card whose name i dont know, a wd caviar 160gb hdd, an asus socket 754 motherboard for the cpu, an ide floppy disk reader as well as an ide dvd reader (all part of the same pc bought in 2003 and was paired with a monitor and peripherals which i also still have)
  14. Agree
    _kR15n reacted to Hip in Are these any good?   
    Amazon reviews say at least they are very good but bass is a bit too low. But you know, some say it's too much, some too less. You can't do much wrong at this price imo.
  15. Agree
    _kR15n reacted to Brennan Price in Charging headphones   
    That should be absolutely fine, your phone should give you a pop-up that says 'X is using power' or something similar. I get that whenever I plug in any USB devices using an OTG cable. Alternatively, you could get a cheap power bank and keep both devices charged. 
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    _kR15n reacted to BuckGup in Ultra low transfer speed   
    Oh yeah then it is probably windows 
    Explanation ^^
    Fix for it ^^^
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    _kR15n reacted to redteam4ever in Blank monitor   
    Yes, it will. HDMI has no compatibility for VGA, so any adapter that you pick will work - they are all active (they convert the digital signal to analog). You only have to watch out for the sound settings - when you connect the adapter, Windows might think that you had connected something that can also output sound and switch your audio output to HDMI, so you will need to switch it back to your normal sound otput device in Control Panel.
  18. Informative
    _kR15n got a reaction from redteam4ever in Blank monitor   
    Nevermind… I just saw the text under a picture on wikipedia
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    _kR15n got a reaction from Krosis in Yet another problem...   
    managed to somehow flip it while working, its on steady 36 now...
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    _kR15n got a reaction from AskTJ in Trying to put together a budget build this summer...   
    maybe this? Its basically the same computer but it has dual channel memory, and its cheaper for 7$
    EDIT: those 7$ are very important!
    EDIT 2: didnt notice that the storage drive was 3TB...
    EDIT 3: version with 3TB storage: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/YHtgbX, but its 20$ more expensive...
  21. Agree
    _kR15n reacted to NumLock21 in PCI-E Lanes   
    Yes for socket 1151 only.
  22. Agree
    _kR15n reacted to TheGlenlivet in PCI-E Lanes   
    All of the 6th and 7th gen CPUs that fit that board have 16 lanes (Except Celeron).  From i7 to pentium.
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    _kR15n got a reaction from pinksnowbirdie in On a budget   
    I can probably thank that to my original athlon 64 and some ATI graphics card... as well as 750MB of RAM...
  24. Like
    _kR15n got a reaction from pinksnowbirdie in On a budget   
    Dont mind turning stuff off in games... Played in 1200x700 on everything low or off all my life
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    _kR15n got a reaction from pinksnowbirdie in On a budget   
    Probably going to use it in 1360x766(my TVs resolution).... I Know..... sad.... Atleast until i buy my monitor which is in WQHD (3440x1440)