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  1. I am having trouble with iCue software. I have had a H80i GT in my computer until about a month ago when I upgraded to a H100i V2. I had no similar problems with the H80i but with the H100i they are persistent. The problem is that during normal operation fans operate as they should (silently as i have set a custom fan curve) but as soon as i start a program, and i mean any program except maybe Microsoft Edge, they ramp up and become loud. The temperatures are under 40°C (on a FX 8350) only because the fans are rotating at max speed which should not happen as the curve i set should hold them at
  2. _kR15n

    Folder visuals

    It seems to me that libraries only work if i want to group folders and not files, and i am trying to group .exe files mostly. Edit: mostly shortcuts to .exe files, not .exe files themselves.
  3. _kR15n

    Folder visuals

    I would like to add that i know i can split folder contents into groups that Windows selects by itself. Example of that is it can split a folder into groups defined by the extension but that is not what i want. I would like for me to choose which file goes into what group and i want to change the name of the group. Something like groups on android phones into which i can place what i want and name it how i want.
  4. _kR15n

    Folder visuals

    Hello, I want to ask if there is a way to split the viewport of a folder into multiple sections as "My Computer" folder is. Example: I would like to do that to regular, user created folders. Is there a way?
  5. Hello, i am here to ask how to calibrate my two displays to be the same color wise. I have had a Dell P2419H for a while and bought another one but the colors on it are a bit cooler than on the other one. I have adjusted monitor settings on the OSD to match eachother but one is still cooler in color. What can i do to color match them?
  6. The plastic tabs that hold the switch in place were bent outwards so i just stuffed them back where they should be… Not a great fix but hey, at least it works as intended now!
  7. Thanks a lot for the tips but i managed to fix it and now it works as intended!
  8. it is a recent, already used purchase though...
  9. I have and i think i understand the problem, i do not have to use almost any force to activate it… A feather could probably activate it at this point.
  10. I have just used keyboardtester.com to see if it was activating multiple times and it has recorded in the program as a single click, also i have checked logitech gaming software and it also reports single clicks.
  11. Hello, i recently bought a used Logitech G413 Carbon and it was working fine, but now when i press the backspace button it deletes everything until i press a different key. Why is that so and what can i do about it?
  12. I have used your advice as I found out that there is probably nothing I can do about the grey area so I just moved all icons from the taskbar to the start menu and it looks like this:
  13. Are you 100% sure that there is nothing that can be done?
  14. This post is about trying to get rid of the random crap and the plain grey bar ?
  15. Dont have anything useful to pin.
  16. It is true that I only use it to shut down my computer (I even sometimes use Alt+F4 because I cannot be bothered to click twice with my mouse) and to search for files and folders which I do not remember the location of but it still haunts my mind that there is a blank area of my start menu which cannot be removed .
  17. I mean…. Not really, but if it could be removed would it not look cleaner and nicer?
  18. Basically i would reccomend this: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X RAM: Hyperx Predator 2x8 Motherboard: Asus Prime X570-P Cooler: EVGA CLC 240 GPU: RX 5700 XT PSU: Seasonic GSeries 650W +80 Gold Case: By preference
  19. Maybe the fact that he is not into OCing could be the reason for the 3600X because of its out of the box higher clocks compared to the 3600 which could reach those same clocks but would need some overclocking. Edit: And if anytime later he decides to try and OC he will have a faster platform for it.
  20. I think you missed the point. On the provided picture you can clearly see that all tiles have already been unpinned and I am asking if I can shrink it to show only the start menu sidebar.
  21. Same PC I would build for myself except I would use Ryzen 3600X, but otherwise a great build, and the PSU has plenty of power for that kind of system. I would go with the EVGA cooler if it fits in the desired case because it may be quieter (even if the brand of the other one is Be Quiet ) and it might be a better performer.
  22. As the title says, is there a way to shrink the Start menu in the picture provided to be just a bar on the side of the screen?
  23. It prompts me to turn on my Wi-Fi during setup and does not allow me to continue with the setup until i do.
  24. I have just bought a Google Chromecast and I want to use it with my mobile data using a hotspot instead of using Wi-Fi. The reason is that i have an unlimited data plan and my mobile data is much faster than my Wi-Fi at 80 mbps (Wi-Fi is on 7 mbps and also randomly drops completely pretty often). Only results I am able to find on Google are using 2 mobile phones but I would like to know is it possible to make it work with just 1 phone and if yes, how?