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  1. I ordered the sleeving from www.lutro0-customs.com or Lutro0's section on Frozencpu. I learned how to sleeve the wires from Lutro0's videos on their website.
  2. This is all plastic Telios sleeving from Lutro0 Customs.
  3. Also, I entered the build into Corsairs PC Domination contest in the Open System category (apparently didn't qualify for standard system because I drilled holes in the chassis to mount the HDD but whatever). Let's just say I'm feeling confident at this point!
  4. Build update! I also modified the OP with the new pictures and stuff below: Update 4/3/14: I spent the last few months since my first post making some updates to the build. Updates copied from my reddit post on /r/cablemanagement: Re-sleeved the 24-pin to remove the cable extension and sewed the wires to maintain the evenness of the cable coming out of the motherboard. Shortened the length of the PCI-E cable and added three stitches to maintain evenness. The stitches keep the cable very rigid and as it passes through the back panel grommet I have it running under the corner of the G
  5. Settled on the Motherboard first and built around it. The Lightning and PSU were kind of lucky as I was planning on painting/modding units that did not match. The Lightning dropped in price (was $750) due to the 290X release, and the RM750 was just released, reviewed pretty well and had matching yellow. Here is a teaser potato picture with my phone of the new fan and HDD set-up. I wish there was an elegant way to leave the GPU like that but alas.
  6. It's actually not too much smaller than say a Fractal R4 ATX case. Mainly due to radiator accommodations on the ceiling and front of the case. The ceiling can fit a 320mm rad and the front can fit a 240mm rad with space to push/pull. It starts to get pretty cozy.
  7. Build update. I'll provide pictures within the next few weeks: - Removed 140mm AF fans from rad and replaced with 120mm PWM SP120s mated to Bitspower fan adaptors. - Replaced exhaust fan with 120mm AF120 - i7 4770k on the way. $219 could not pass it up. - RM750 PSU had to be RMA'd due to Corsair recall. Cooling fan never spun and I speculate this is the cause of the system crashing when stress-testing overnight even though temps were fine and overclock was very stable in IBT. - Removed HDD cage and mounted the platter drive to the floor of the case with vibration reducing screw moun
  8. Sure that sounds good. You can link back to the OP in this thread or my reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/1u0p8g/build_complete_the_lightning_350d/. Also, make sure and drop the link in this thread so that we can check it out!
  9. I have an update post that will come through in the next couple of weeks. I had to RMA the PSU due to a Corsair recall. Regarding the fans, I have installed two SP120 PWM fans using BitFenix 140mm to 120mm fan adapters. Further, I replaced the rear exhaust fan with an AF120 performance edition. Lastly, to free up so more airflow from the front AF140mm intakes, I removed the hard drive cage and have mounted the HDD to the bottom of the case using some anti-vibration mounting screws. At the time of the initial build, I sacrificed some performance on the rad since Corsair does not ma
  10. The rings come with the Corsair fans. I spray-painted them yellow. No MPower mATX board. Trust me, I wanted to. I sleeved the cables myself using the heat-shrinkless method. Check out Lutro0 Customs website. I followed the video guides almost 100% to get the process down.
  11. Small teaser update as I move into cable management phase 2.
  12. This is absolutely true. I made some performance concessions due to the X60's 280mm radiator and since Corsair only makes 140mm AF series fans. I have some 120mm SP fans ready to install on the rad but the Bitspower 140mm to 120mm fan adapters I bought are too tall by like 5mm in order to clear the CPU power connector on the mobo. I will have to make an adaptor plate of some kind.
  13. Good the hear! If it does end up on the WAN show is there any advance notice given? There was some discussion in the livestream about having the builders available for questions, etc.
  14. Sure did. The Korean 1440p IPS monitors are known for their overclock abilities.
  15. Thanks! I wish they still did builds of the week on the WAN show. Looks like my build fell during a period of transition. Oh well!I also didn't notice that my build was featured on NZXTs and PCCG Facebook pages! That's awesome. They got a little buried by CES coverage but it's all good. I'm definitely honored to be acknowledged to such a degree!
  16. Aw I'm sad there were no BLOTW this week on the WAN show. I was excited to see if I got featured! Maybe on the watercooled update!
  17. It's actually part if the Corsair Dom Plat RAM modules themselves. The light is more of a white LED. The picture was taken in very low light conditions which gave it the appearance of blue. You can't even really see those lights during the daytime.
  18. I detailed my reasoning in the build log but it's mainly aesthetics. I have some 140->120mm brackets on the way to convert to SP120s.
  19. Camera used is a Nikon D80. My GF is the pro and she did all kinds of fancy things like aperture, f stop, flash, etc.
  20. That part made up most of the build time and was a lot of work. Check out www.lutro0-customs.com for supplies and instructional videos. I relied pretty much 100% on them.
  21. Painted the rings myself using some yellow spray paint from Michael's.