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  1. Sirius's fav Wanted the Ultimate Edition on console, getting it later on PC too as I have most of the games there already. Already had MK11 there, but not on console. Tekken 7 and SC 6 I've got on Steam too, but now I have them on my PS5. Also, a Mayflash F500 Elite for my multiple consoles and PCs. Current showerhead broke, so this is the replacement. Ramen for homemade ichiraku ramen while I listen to Ramin sing. Plz cringe at that joke all you want. Another Mayflash. Adapter to use the second one on ps5.
  2. They bought it, but I think something ran out this year and Nvidia didn't renew it. Tom's contacted Nvidia and are awaiting comment.
  3. Depends on a person's weight, surfaces they're used on, etc. My Harley Quinn custom Chuck Taylors have lasted for years. My running shoes, 3 months tops.
  4. Apparently, we we'll see an update on the 5th. However, I wonder what Nvidia has to say about this.
  5. Ceased operation: 2002 SLI, all other tech, and IPs are owned by Nvidia. The image in the tweet comes from a deviant art user/is fanmade. The account is not proven to be official either, and the post has grammar flaws. This is far from legit.
  6. Well, depending on the structure of the company, they might respond quicker on one platform over the other. This is normal. He knew a quicker response method, and a lot of support is done quicker through Twitter. It's not just Google as Bungie, Sony, and a lot of other companies do this. Well, the exploit is using Google Chat to get the domain to appear as Google.com when sent to Gmail from what I saw. The scammer knew that, but I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen or not when their actual domain is completely different. If it is intentional by Google, then that is a design f
  7. The video from the guy you originally mentioned pages ago said so after contacting them. No corporation or an entity is going to tell all of the details. So, they're terrible because they said they couldn't yet did? Or, the scammer is just good at what they do. Again, this is on him and he explained how he fell for it. This isn't the fault of Google. This is the fault of himself not paying attention backed by a good scammer.
  8. Well, they're investigating it to handle the issue. But, depending on who is doing this, it might be a small headache or a large one. Will be interesting to see.
  9. You can get around a lock using multiple methods, and you can get around protections in place using multiple methods. We honestly don't know much, and Google is still investigating. Had Google done nothing, didn't care, or did the laziest form of security then I'd put them at fault. Honestly, I'm more curious of the motive and skillset of this individual or group to pull something like this.
  10. So, if Google has these protections in place, and the phisher/s got around it how are they at fault? You never verified if Google does or doesn't. You just blinding are blaming them while the victims are not. Google restored their accounts. They also are investigating it, which tells me that they got around the protections in place. That wouldn't put Google at fault. That's like using your logic then putting them at fault because the criminal figured out how to get around the locks. That's on the criminal, not Google. Again, there's no full proof method.
  11. Well, according to one of the targeted YTer's, when they first email you you see the "seems legit" one. Then they have you download Google Chat, and that's where you see the super fake domain aka the dead giveaway. I think he also mentioned they want you to follow some shady link too. He almost fell for it, but he went onto twitter and tweeted at the official YT people, and he ended up getting a response telling him to ignore it and that they're investigating it. Personally, I wouldn't have fallen for this. I check emails, top to bottom, for red flags.
  12. Well, this wasn't just anyone. It was someone who should have known. Yet, he still fell for it. Google doesn't mess up punctuation like that, and he pretty much implied he deleted it himself after asking for proof he serms to never have gotten. He didn't even see that the domain was off. He also failed to contact YouTube, unlike the other content creator. They aren't targeting your normal individuals. They're targeting content creators. Also, there's only so much can Google can do to prevent it.
  13. I always check first. You honestly don't even know if they used a workaround to get past protections in place. Spoofing, hacking, and more can get around protections. There is no proof metheod, and you are directly seeking to blame Google whe. It is in no way their fault. They have done everything they were supposed to do, and even went as far as redtoring his account. Even the other guy you mentioned said he doesn't blame Google for this. You just have an agenda against them, I get it.
  14. Google, there to hold your hand because you're less educated. Google, there to childproof your internet. Google, using bad grammar in every email./s
  15. Apparently, Google is investingating it now. They told people that didn't come from them who did contact them.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/t/contact_us It sounds more like you want to fault Google for something that isn't their fault. Blocking them is not this absolute you're treating it as. Spoofing, hacking, and more are different ways they could get around that. He literally showed that he asked for proof, and then implied that he deleted the account. Sounds more like he played into it, and that's completely his fault, not Google's. I get you feel sorry for him, but that doesn't mean Google is at fault.
  17. I get them all the time, and ignore them. This honestly is a classic spam type. I still put him at fault for falling for it. This was a rather obvious one as it brought up several red flags, even for him, and he still fell for it. That, and as I mentioned, he could have contacted YT to verify. I don't fault Google for this because, even if you were to take action, spoofing and getting around Google's attempts will still happen. It's no different than cheaters in a video game. You could have great anti-cheat, but you won't stop the problem overall due to human nature.
  18. It is still his fault, though. YouTube wouldn't ask you to delete it. They would do it themselves as many have experienced before. Secondly, why didn't it dawn on him to just contact YouTube through the support options? They typically don't do these types of exchanges.
  19. Well, the other red flag, as I mentioned, was that he asked for proof and there wasn't any provided from what was shown.
  20. Not sure, don't follow them. But, if you see something off like that you shouldn't trust it to begin with. Secondly, YouTube isn't that friendly. They'll just delete the account or video.
  21. Well, I'm looking at the tweet right now. There is no "@google.com" just an "@creator-partners.com". He messed up.
  22. I mean I don't see how he fell for it when there's a few red flags. One, it says that it's youtube@creator-partners.com. That alone is enough to make you question, or should, if it really is legit. Secondly, there was no solid proof of the second account mentioned from what I saw. I would have just laughed and reported them.
  23. As far as you buy into marketing bs. Would you liked some chilled water with that? I swear, my bar graph percentages are accurate!