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  1. I happened to have a lenovo newsletter on my mail for a while, and you're pretty much on point about the price. They love to spam with promos pretty much every week.
  2. NUC is a less interesting usage for this chip, although we get a good benchmark of what is coming soon. i7-8809G/i7-8805G are gonna be HUGE for ultrathin and convertibles. If they gonna make i5-8250U mingle with that Vega M at a good price point, it's gonna be a smash hit.
  3. You know the saddest part? This is an iMac Pro, equipped with workstation grade hardware. So it's made for business customers, people that are gonna earn their living on the device. The way it works with other companies like dell, lenovo etc. Is that they offer NBD service, you request service and they come in next day with needed parts. Because for business customer, what is truely important is being able to continue working, regardless of if warranty is still there or not there or whatever. Cost of downtime often would outscale the costs of paid repair - so regardless of what it takes,
  4. Aaaaand dropped. Was hoping for a more IO-rich version of surface pro 4, but the Y-series processor and worse stylus(even the SP4 one feels noticeably worse than any decent graphic tablet) kills the deal for me. I guess I'm left with spectre x360 as the only option now.
  5. Elcomsoft System Recovery works well and is easy to use. The tool included with Hirens(forgot the name) also works great but it's command line so it might be a bit off-putting.
  6. They should absolutely come with "no prebuilt PC buys" rule. Watching them buy a whole pc with only other added part being like GPU or SSD is completely boring. Another idea would be a price limit for a single part, that would require some clever strategy. Maybe interesting multi-gpu builds or even multi cpu As mentioned earlier, age limit would also be great. 15 year old scrapyard wars would totally bring some nostalgia tears to my eyes.
  7. This is your answer. Brainwavz HM5 are great pair, and XPT's are their under 100$ clone which is an absolutely amazing value. As for your choices, low end sennheisers are mostly subpar in terms of quality/$. M40x are pretty okay, pretty much on par with the popular M50x but are flatter in characteristics, so not sure if that would be your preference.
  8. If you're willing to match the 100$ limit, look for Vsonic GR07 Classics, they should be on ebay for 99$. Exact sound you're looking for, soft highs and very warm full bodied sound, and in terms of raw sound quality they cream all over the known brands in the budget. Also, don't worry about the china-unknown-looking brand. They are very well known and critically acclaimed in the audiophile forums. In terms of durability, I've had their younger siblings(which are build almost exactly the same except drivers) for years as daily drivers and they lasted very very long. edit: 99$ shipped f
  9. You pretty much answered yourself. You need to rule out the usb hub fault first. I've had a few usb hubs randomly turn off at times.