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  1. Just joined Bitwit Ultra and Floatplane. You're Awesome Kyle! Paul too lol

  2. delivery kernel and the storage controller is the main cause of intel leaks , and they are leaking , Still , dont let anyone deter you into believing they have Fixed it ( ??? ) 

  3. I'd much rather have seen a picture of Kyle with that Dildo, that he and Paul had that one time. I think it would have been an even better/funnier profile picture.

  4. Ok Kyle , I`m  IN !!! GAME ON BRAH !!! 

  5. I'm here for the tech.


  6. Just joined Floatplane to follow, looking forward to seeing how this all goes!

  7. Was a Bitwit Ultra Sub. Will also sub for FP as well! Congrats on being the Guinea pig :P 

  8. Wait a minute....is Kyle working for LMG now? I haven't been keeping up on their videos so maybe I missed something???

    1. marsdeat


      No, he's just launched Bitwit Ultra on Floatplane as a partnered creator, now that paid channels are gone from YouTube.

    2. imreloadin


      Ahh gotcha, didn't realize that they had rolled it out to other content creators yet.

    3. marsdeat


      It's just Bitwit Ultra so far, and it seems like it was basically just an extenuating circumstances thing that it happened right now. 

  9. :) You should do a trigger build. Do everything wrong to trigger your entire audience. Like the stand-off thing you talked about in your stream