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  1. Can we get a tl;dr? I read the first paragraph, skimmed the rest and have no clue what you are talking about. EDIT: I just read it all, still no clue wtf you are rambling about.
  2. The new core architecture is physically larger than the last and because they're building it on 14nm they had to cut it down to 8 cores.
  3. With a 5 second search of Google I can see your case supports dual slot cards up to 330mm in length.
  4. Techpowerup already did the PCI-E scaling test on an RTX 3080 it shows very little difference https://www.techpowerup.com/review/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-pci-express-scaling/27.html
  5. I listened to the audio it didn't sound like a rattle to me.
  6. If your PSU ran your 3080 it'll run the 3090. That is a mighty poor value upgrade you have there though going from a 3080 to a 3090.
  7. I’m surprised Microsoft have yet to do this on Azure, it is odd that they have macOS managed build agents in Azure DevOps but not the ability to have a macOS VM in Azure. I know macincloud have been running on Mac mini’s for years, I used to use them for build agents prior to Azure DevOps support coming like 3~ years ago.
  8. If you get a 1440p 144hz you'll have enough for CPU + mobo too.
  9. I thought the next MBP 16 was still going to be x86. Will be interesting if they do in fact combine an Apple Silicon CPU with AMD graphics.
  10. I'm sure there's use cases for wall mounting where having the sound integrated in to the TV is useful. Doesn't really seem like a normal consumer thing but I doubt that's who they're targeting.
  11. Your power supply has enough power the only thing that would concern me is it is low quality. If you are going to buy a 3070 you should probably consider getting a better power supply, even if it is the same wattage.
  12. Even at the tips of the heat pipes? And the fin stack is also quite warm to the touch? Have you changed your GPU power limit in any tools such as Afterburner? If you run a monitoring tool such as Afterburner/HWiNFO what does it say your GPU core voltage and power draw are at when under 100% load? Are both fans spinning and appear to be spinning at the same rate?
  13. There’s not really an easy way to check it unfortunately. Do any of the heat pipes have damage/cracks/holes? Maybe the liquid escaped from them.
  14. Something is wrong for sure, it should run much cooler than that. Maybe the screws for the heatsink aren't tight enough?
  15. Your results are definitely strange. If you set the fan speed to 100% manually and run furmark what does the temp settle at? And what is your ambient temp?
  16. If your averages/max are higher but your lows are the same/similar that is typically a CPU bottleneck.
  17. About 0-15% depending on the game and quality settings.
  18. It's not ideal but it'll likely be fine given it was only for short periods of time.
  19. The best you can get is a TB3 enclosure with a really fast NVMe drive inside but you are limited to PCI-E 3.0 x4 (so about 3.5GB/s as long as the drive you install is decent).
  20. If that is under a power virus then yes it's fine. Have you overclocked it?
  21. It will be more inline with a 1660. It definitely will be worse than a 2060.
  22. First thing to check is what RGB headers your motherboard has, you might be able to just plug them in to your motherboards rgb header and use splitters.
  23. iPhone X, 2017 and still going strong! Will probably look at getting a new battery soon though, it’s at 81% health atm.