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  1. Paypal has that too? Maybe i mix someting up but you can send money for goods and its also protectet?
  2. So its not like with the GPU Slots where the lower one its only at half speed of if lower slot gets used some other stuff gets disabled like some sata ports when you plug in a M.2 SSD? Also thanks for the quick response
  3. Hello, (sorry for my kinda shity english) So in the moment i'm in the middle of getting the parts for my new build, so far so go, the only part that is missing is a CPU cooler, i read the Noctua NH-D15 is the best you can get with air but its very large. So i hope that sombody of you could help me find out if in combi with that cooler in the vertical position (so the air goes out the back) would block the first PCIE 1X Slot. If not, if i use one of the lower PCIE 1X Slots would that impact performace of other parts or not? I did not find anyting (for me understanda