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    Disagree with me, plz.

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    Audio subforum
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    Not Telling
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    Would-be computer science major, budding audiophile, mid-core gamer, elitist roleplayer, psychology enthusiast, modern philosopher.
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    Learning stuff


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    Intel i7-3770K
  • Motherboard
    Asus P8Z77-V LK
  • RAM
    16 GB Corsair Vengeance LP (DDR3-1600)
  • GPU
    MSI Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition x 2 (Crossfire)
  • Case
    In-Win Mana 136 (Black)
  • Storage
    120 GB Kingston SSDNow V300 SSD, 2 TB Toshiba HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair TX850 V2
  • Display(s)
    ASUS VS248H-P
  • Cooling
    Thermaltake Frio OCK
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Vengeance K70 (Cherry MX Brown)
  • Mouse
    Logitech G500
  • Sound
    Logitech X-140, Philips Fidelio X1, Sony MDR-X05, Sony MDR-EX37B

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  1. How about you use Noctua fans instead of Phantek fans? while they are double the price they use the same color scheme and are probably quieter.

  2. Too much hostility on this forum, even from me. Better stop while I'm ahead.

    1. Johners


      It's fine...

  3. There's no guarantee if either phone will be worth the wait, particularly Project Ara. You should wait until there's more details.
  4. Oh, it's you again. The mod team isn't going to shake your hand for whiteknighting them, you know.
  5. I don't understand the need to justify banning someone for saying such a thing. I'm convinced you've never been in a Twitch stream before, because at the best of times, it's just people regurgitating "kappa" and repeating one-another. Maybe if I had threatened someone with violence or promoted hostility, you would have something of a point. As it stands, you are simply trying to be contrarian. Had you seen that typed in a chat, I am certain you would not have cared whether or not anyone was banned over it, but because I brought it up in this conversation, you suddenly feel the compulsive need
  6. I did not admit to typing something stupid. That's completely subjective. I would really rather not be warned for arguing on your level, so could you please being an internet paladin for now?
  7. Oh, I didn't know you followed me on Twitch and saw each of my messages. My mistake, how ignorant of me. Next time, I'll have it noted that you possess omniscience, and therefore are allowed to make such gratuitous assumptions about others.
  8. Got carried away looking at the replies and assuming I could skim over the OP, my mistake. Unfortunately, it matters not, because the H320 is out of stock on NCIX and Swiftech's website - the only two places I think you can buy them short of, say, eBay. My X60 recommendation still stands, but I would probably pick the H220, given your situation and because it costs significantly less for about the same performance.
  9. Who cares? Twitch chat moderators will ban you if you so much as breathe. One time, I jokingly typed <message deleted> on a stream and I got temporarily banned. Seriously? People are such drooling idiots that they care about that, let alone don't notice the difference in colors? The chat is about as stupid as the moderators of any Twitch chat are. I don't even bother. I've seen more productive discourse on /b/. Ban me from every Twitch chat that does exist and ever will exist, I couldn't care less. In fact, I'd probably prefer it just so I don't get tempted to say anything.
  10. Best performer, yes, but he can't fit it in his case. He asked for 2 x 120/140mm. @Hank_Tech: I can endorse the Kraken X60. Swiftech H220 is about the same in performance, but the X60 can run quieter. That's relative, though; a few people have complained about the stock fans being loud. Replace them with Phanteks fans or something if you go that route.
  11. What do you mean by "best"? The performance difference between the best and worst 2 x 120/140mm AIO isn't very large. You could just as easily pick the H100i for its software support over the Swiftech H220 for its performance. In fact, you might even prefer paying more for the NZXT Kraken X60 which also has bundled software (not as good as Corsair's) but it's an Asetek-based pump, so you can use it on a Kraken G10 bracket if you're at all sold on those.
  12. How the hell is this even a conspiracy? "Mwahahaha, we've tricked modern science into believing the Earth is not growing!"
  13. Didn't you ask this before at one point? What happened?
  14. I heard about this laptop some time ago. The user reviews leave a bitter taste in my mouth.