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  1. Hi, I bought a Xeon E3-1230 v2 Sandy Bridge processor and I want to delid it. I searched the internet but I didn’t find nothing about this. Is the processor soldered? Or it have TIM? Can I safely delid it with a delid die mate 2? I’ve already done a few processors for my friends (6700K, 7700K, 8700K, 4790K, etc - all with TIM), so I know the drill. Is the Xeon E3-1230 v2 Sandy Bridge soldered or not? Thank you.
  2. Yup, what can I try in order to revive it? ??
  3. So it’s dead? I can’t do anything? ?
  4. Hello A friend of mine gave me a 9900k already delided by someone... The processor is not working anymore, that’s why he gave it to me, to see what can I do... First, I checked with intel and the FPO and ATPO don’t match... That was strange... Second, the IHS and PCB are scratched, pictures attached. I opened it and I saw a horrible delid... The die is very damaged. So, can this processor can be saved or not?
  5. So, it’s a idea or not to use the rockit to delid the 9th series?
  6. Hello, After I delided my 7700K with succes, one of my friend want to delid his 9700KF. It is posibile with Delid Die Mate 2? Is the CPU soldered? Thanks.
  7. I understand, but the RTV Silicone can do anything to the Contacts?
  8. Oh, thank you. I was so worried... Shall I try to remove the silicone when it will be dry?
  9. Hi, I delided and relided my i7 7700K with LM and everything. I sealed the IHS with black RTV silicone but I put too much. A little bit is on the exposed contacts. It is fine? Can the contacts be damaged? Thank you.
  10. Hello, Is this boom arm good for Rode NT usb? Trust Gaming Streaming Microphone Arm - Black https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BQZP55Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_5GwaDbXCZXTG I see that Rode have 50mm diameter and this boom arm 95. :/
  11. Problem solved with AMD Relive, this soft is much better.
  12. Hello, I downloaded OBS Studio yesterday for recording benchmarks. I have Rx590, ryzen 2600, 16 gigs of ram 3000 MHz and an m.2 ssd. I opened AC Odyssey and run the benchmark tool, I had 40-60 FPS. The Game was normal, but when i uploaded the video into CyberLink to edit it was laggy and choppy. Why?