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  1. Paying a host definitely seems like a better option then, especially considering the value per dollar ratio.
  2. Running a Minecraft server is the only low-key server I could think of at a really small scale XD That would make sense though, I can definitely see that.
  3. So, to start off I could think of one difference at least in reliability. Say if your ISP was to have drops in service and speed, that would be a factor you can’t control. I can also see the difference in say if you were to have raid setup so that a machine could fail responsibly, whereas a DIY machine likely wouldn’t unless you had the know how. Then onto power consumption of whether or not you are running actual server hardware or just consumer grade and their power consumption differences. Beyond the actual differences in hardware, what are the differences in so
  4. The little board is on sale on Newegg but "looks" liked a buffed version of a Raspberry Pi just with the Raspberry Pi appearing to have better specs on paper. Anyone ever use one? If so, am I missing a use case scenario or is this just an expensive Raspberry Pi?(Very new to this subject)
  5. There is huge shortage in more than just the GPU market, superconductors I'm pretty sure are in a huge shortage(that screws up the entire electronics industry). But outside of GPU sales, I think there is a small PSU shortage going on, and I read somewhere that there is a newer crypto currency utilizing storage devices so be prepared for that XD
  6. Is the sata cable plugged in for the fan controller?
  7. With my 2070 I had a stable overclock to my i9 10900K @ 4.9Ghz but with the 3080 Ti I've experienced more PC crashes than with any other PC I've used or built. I reset most of the settings for my i9 in my BIOS settings and the crashing has ceased. I'm think that I just had a really unstable overclock for whatever reason. I can look more into that at another date. The GPU is using 2 separate cables coming directly from the GPU, one cable with both connectors in use and the second cable with only one connector in use. The GPU requires a 12pin connection in total. Rig
  8. I went ahead and tried that but it didn't help any. I'm thinking this GPU might be scuffed
  9. You could probably just look up whatever model laptop you have on ebay(a maybe based on where you live), and just add "cpu fan". You'll likely find something at least, just won't be new likely
  10. While this could be a complete coincidence, after installing my 3080 ti I've had on and of game and PC crashing. Nothing else was altered besides taking out my 2070 and putting in the 3080 ti. The drivers for the GPU are all installed my PC is up to date as far as other drivers and updates go. I'm running 2 LG monitors at 2k, which my system doesn't seem to mind until it randomly crashes or a game crashes. I never have high temps and I don't ever experience lag at any other time. Any thoughts?
  11. Depends a lot on what type of games you play and the type of color accuracy you are going for in your content. Realistically, just because you have a higher color accuracy on your monitor doesn't necessarily mean that everyone viewing your content would be able to appreciate it in the way you made it as many people don't even know there is such a thing as color accuracy.
  12. General junk file storage of files that I don't want eating up space on my main rig. Down the line, web dev projects, portfolios, PC backups(my rig has 2TB SSD storage right now), and video content storage.
  13. Does it have an app with a GUI or is it more web-based? I wouldn't be running any apps or VMS, mostly just junk files that need to be kept. Maybe some web dev projects(just stored, not being ran).
  14. Any unit in particular of theirs that you've liked?
  15. I personally have two LG Ultragear Monitors and they are freakin amazing. The color quality is great. The response time and refresh rate have been consistent since I got them. Plus they are one of the few monitors with a price friendly range to have G-SYNC.
  16. I was looking at getting a NAS server for some network storage. But for a 5-bay storage NAS, Synology's unit cost $699 on Newegg. That seems steep, especially with it being diskless. I'm new to this sorta thing but was wondering if this is just the price mark across all the different brands there is or if there is a cheaper all in one or even DIY project for decent transfer speeds and around the same storage capacity. I'm open to different brand suggestions and build guides!
  17. Just play in fullscreen rather than borderless fullscreen or windowed fullscreen
  18. I believe even google has an integrated internet speed test edit: Do you have anything else on your PC eating up networks resources? Say like YouTube running for instance
  19. Discord has a viewing screen option, but if you wanted full control, teamviewer is a goodie.
  20. What game do you play that is even 10gb?
  21. Does your FPS drop or does it just load slowly? Have you checked your task manager to see if perhaps your resources are being used else where? Have you tested other games or just those two? What is your CPU and GPU?
  22. I would just find a CPU that is the same socket type as the A8 6600k(FM2 socket) and find a higher tier used CPU that you can buy for cheap. What country are you buying from?