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  1. figured out my issue and i'm not happy to announce that that fault was on me. in my rush I must have plugged the hard drives power into the PATA port on my power supply and over-volted the drives and killed them. picked up new SSD's and they work fine, so sad day for me but a good reminder to always take my time and inspect what i'm doing
  2. Looks like BIOS didn't resolve it. still waiting to hear back from ASRock support, first response was simply "have you tried another port"
  3. i'm going to, trying to find my sata dock. i figured it would disable something, but didn't think it would take out all 4 SATA ports
  4. I did look through the manual and it said that if it's an SATA M.2 it would disable a SATA port, but mine is NVME and i've tested other ports to no joy
  5. Full Parts list here: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/scrodo/saved/JJJ6hM I just moved my system over to a new case and did some other upgrades and now i'm not seeing any SATA connected drives in Windows or Bios. I've tried removing the HDD's (power and data), changing the ports that the SSD's are connected, and have tried a different cable (currently they all are connected with Cable Mod Sata Cables). The NVME M.2 is a new drive added to the system and is working fine as a boot drive, the system used to boot from an SSD which is no longer installed. I have not tested
  6. thanks, looks like you may be right
  7. I'm looking for an affordable monitor mount that can hold my 27" display and my 29" 21:9 display. I'm seeing most list as accepting 27" max so i'm not sure if the wider monitor would cause an issue. Anyone have any experience/suggestions for this. Just looking to get them off my desk for a bit of extra space.