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  1. What are you on about? Edit: Did you try rooting a galaxy device and got stuck in a boot loop? Are you able to hold "Volume UP + Power + Home" while powered down to enter the recovery menu? Can you then factory reset the os?
  2. So I started talking to that friend about this again and he just sent me this:
  3. One of my friends swears he never closes Chrome and that he has many tens of tabs open 24/7. I only break double-digits when I'm doing deep research into a topic. Otherwise I close all my tabs that I'm not using. I might be in the minority though, I also have inbox 0.
  4. I totally missed the fact that it was DSL. I'm even less confident with my knowledge of DSL, so I'm going to leave this open for others to help.
  5. Would you mind sending a screenshot of what the effect looks like? Make sure there's no sensitive information in the image! From what I'm guessing, the icons are spread randomly around the screen with no rhyme or reason? If you right click the desktop and look through the 'view' and 'sort-by' menus, is there anything weird going on with the settings? Perhaps changing some of these setting will yield results.
  6. Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification. It's like the revision of the technology that translates the analog signal coming into the house from the coax cable to a digital signal that all other hardware on your network can communicate with. I'm not entirely sure how the technology even works. I should study it some more. All you need to know is that in 2006, DOCSIS 3.0 was introduced with enabled like 300 mbps connection speeds over cable.
  7. The Witness displays some of the best game design I've seen in a long time. It's got a lot of puzzles though and you might have to bring out the graph paper at times. http://store.steampowered.com/app/210970/The_Witness/
  8. Here's Windstreams statement on 3rd party modems: https://www.windstream.com/Support/3rd-Party-Broadband-DSL-Modem/ Also I found an unofficial list of modems compatible with windstream. http://www.approvedmodems.com/windstream.html I find it strange that there are only 2 modems listed. Also there are different DOCSIS standards for modems. I'm not entirely sure which version Windstream supports, but it's important to know which levels Windstream supports because it can impact what speeds are capable.
  9. I would recommend doing some more in-depth research on XDA. I was able to root my Samsung S7 SM-G930v (S7 Verizon) running Nougat 7.0 using the engineering rom, but it's still literally impossible to unlock the bootloader on the US Qualcomm variant. It's basically like a half-root where I can use root applications, but can't load a custom recovery like TWRP or anything because the bootloader is still locked. I'm extremely frustrated because the hardware is excellent, but Samsung struggles with software. The combination of Samsung and Verizon means even though there's a multi-thousand dollar bo
  10. I think what frustrates me most is that it still shouldn't make sense as a large business pricing out and purchasing cabinets. Why are the prices artificially inflated? It's the same argument that goes for the NES Classic, but in this case there's no artificial scarcity, only the price. NES Classic is an entirely different discussion now that I think about it more.
  11. Cage nuts seem like a pain. Are there any alternative mounting methods?
  12. like maybe 3 or more some day, a nas, router, switch, patch panel and a few extras. It's something I'm interested in getting into.
  13. It may be cheaper, but is it better? Using rails will allow me to slide cases out from any position in the cabinet without knocking over a stack of 100lb computers.