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    ASRock A300-STX
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  1. Nope It'll only support 8th gen Chips, no clue why Intel kept the Socket name even though it's incompatible
  2. If you're willing to learn Blender it's extremely powerful and open-source (free)
  3. Under the updates section in the game properties there is a Steam Cloud checkbox however I don't know if this also affects your campaign saves
  4. Do you have another keyboard on hand? Some boards can't detect fancy keyboards in BIOS or at least not correctly
  5. Looks like the BL has 2W speakers compared to the GWs 1W set and a seperate audio-in jack. The BL also has a better power consumption rating and supports PIP
  6. you could also just use a couple of washers to create a air-gap since it's just screwed on
  7. A card which uses up two pcie slots but the cooler covers up a third one partially
  8. For example the Ncase M1, the node 202 and the Cougar QBX. The Define Nano S also works if you're using a SFX PSU
  9. yep, there is a setting to turn it on/off, but I don't know the default value
  10. I don't think it's possible to just pop down larger chips since they would require a wider address bus which (unless the same board is also used with larger capacity chips) shouldn't be wired up on the circuit board. Also the controller thing @M.Yurizaki said
  11. Sadly I'm not aware of a case with both of those features but you can get adapters from e.g. Cooler Master which slide into your horizontal Slots and put one of them into a "regular" inverted case.
  12. To induce a current into a conductor the magnetic field has to change. Altering the way you change the field just leads to different current-curves.
  13. The PRPROJ (Project file) file is only an XML database with links to the media (where these files were located on the computer), and instruction sets on what to do with them. There are no media files in the .PRPROJ file meaning you'll have to copy over the source files / source file structure aswell. I don't know if there is a option to export all files needed as one package
  14. Superfetch is a service in Windows that's designed to speed up app launching by preloading certain apps based on your usage patterns To disable:Open the Start Menu.Type "services" and hit EnterLook for Superfetch in the list and right-click it>PropertiesSet the startup type to disabled and click the Stop button to stop the serviceClick Ok
  15. Then you'd need two ofc but why would you want to run two games in Fullscreen side by side and not just run one windowed in the background? One cable per card