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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.9GHz
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    MSI B450-A PRO
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    2x8GB DDR4 3200MT/s (Samsung B-Die)
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    ASUS Radeon RX Vega 56 Strix (biosmod 64)
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    Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 White
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    Samsung 860 EVO M.2 500GB & ADATA SU650 480GB
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    it depends
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    LG Nano-IPS QHD 144Hz & Philips IPS 24" 1080p 75Hz
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    Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4
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    ASUS ROG Claymore Core
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    HyperX Cloud Headset / Behringer XM8500 Mic / Behringer UM2 Interface
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    Windows 10, Fedora 33 Workstation
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    Lenovo ThinkPad T480s - 8250U, 256 NVMe, 16GB RAM

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  1. Just look at two things in the list: How Silverstone has units in literally every tier, besides tier E (but even including low priority subtiers). The fact that Strider Essential ET-B is in Tier D, which is only recommended for low-end systems and never to such a high-end PC. It's not a good idea to pair a $700 GPU and a $550 CPU with a low-end PSU. Anyone buying a 5900X and a RTX3080 has $100 or maybe even more for a high-end PSU. If you think that being in Tier D tells you nothing, you have all the methodology and the sources in the tier list's spreadsheet.
  2. Assuming that your previous PSU was a Xilence Performance C, you didn't waste your money at all. You had a low-end PSU with low durability components, and now you have a more than decent model which should work reliably for at least 7 years. I don't see the problem! Maybe you didn't save your PC in the sense that the Performance C didn't seem terrible enough to kill your components, but you made a good replacement anyway. Enjoy your new PSU ^^
  3. From those options, CX450M and CX550M are by far the best. Their internal platform is much more modern than all the others.
  4. It is, indeed: (Source) Its SilentWings 3 fan at such low RPM (<300) will be virtually inaudible, and silent enough at moderate loads. It wasn't Blue or Gold because of the 1000W model, which is quite noisy, but the lower wattages should meet the requirements. It'll be fixed as Juular said
  5. They're the "RM Gray". They fit in single-rail Tier A
  6. Nox Urano TX Bronze is being tiered as a PUQ-B PSU based on a nov-2017 review. The problem is that a dec-2017 video (the Shrek one) shows that it's NOT a PUQ-B, but a ¿GPM? instead. The point is that the video was published by a Portuguese store, most likely opening their own retail units, instead of a review sample which could have been manipulated before sending it to the website. As for the additional evidence, it's just some internal pics from another source, but I was asked to keep them private when I received them. To sum up, there's enough evidence to think that Urano TX 850
  7. It could help Spanish, Portuguese and Brazillian buyers stay away from a PSU whose review units used a completely different platform. Why would you keep tiering it as a PUQ-B when it has been demonstrated that it's not? (I can provide additional evidence to you if needed, but privately)
  8. No, you can keep it. It's a good PSU and power is more than enough for most Mono-GPU builds. Perfectly fine for a 3700X & 2070S, no idea about 3070S because it's unreleased, anyway you can check this nice post for reference and I guess it will be updated if new GPUs are released.
  9. It'll work well but there could be better options for the price, Where do you live? What store(s) can you buy from?
  10. Let's see some differences: The Ion+ 660P has more cables, you get 2 EPS connectors, 4 PCIe, 10 SATA and 4 4-pin Molex, while the G3 offers 1, 3, 6 and 4 respectively. Also, you get nicer cabling with Ion+ as they use no in-cable caps (G3 does) and as many reviews say it uses especially flexible wires. Electrical performance is similar and decent in both cases, there are some differences because the G3 has a much tighter voltage regulation, but Ion+ is not bad at all. G3's transient response is much better, though. They are similar in other aspects like ripple, inrush current or
  11. Those Thermaltake and EVGA units are poor recommendations, there are better options in Amazon Spain like Be Quiet System Power 9 500W for 58€, Masterwatt 550 for 55€, or non-modular CX550 for 64€. On the more expensive side, you have units like Seasonic Focus 450 for 78€, Bitfenix Whisper 450 for 80€ or Corsair TX550M for 80€. The CX550M wouldn't be as terrible as the other units, they simply have no sense in my opinion. Anyway, it seems that the OP is from Germany. If this is correct, I think Stefan will be able to give the best recommendation as a local.
  12. You can perfectly get a dead silent PSU without semi-passive mode. Regarding EVGA B3, it's highly possible that when the fan turns on it does so with high RPM (Cybenetics: https://www.cybenetics.com/code/pdf.php?id=yfR), and you don't want to be hearing the fan start and stop every X minutes/hours. The B3 is not a safe bet, and Pure Power 10 & Formula (like Stefan recommended) are absolutely great units in terms of noise.
  13. There are better PSUs in that price range, even from Corsair: https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Corsair-TX550M-550W-80PLUS-Gold-Semi-Modular-PSU-Power-Supply-CP-9020133-AU/152963415064?hash=item239d547c18:g:vsIAAOSwkela8WQA This one costs less than the CX, it's also better: https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Antec-EAG-PRO-550W-80-Plus-Gold-Semi-Modular-Power-Supply/163057530004?hash=item25f6fc7494:g:o9UAAOSw6o1alPMB There might be better options, but from the phone I couldn't search very deeply.
  14. Being partial to any brand is simply pointless, especially in the case of EVGA, because they have all these models right now: G1 G2 G3 GQ GD GS G+ PQ P2 B1 B2 NEXB B3 BQ W1 N1 T2 BT BV G2L (& maybe the recently appeared BR and G3s), and maybe I'm missing some. They rely on at least 5 different manufacturers as well. It's obvious that they have better and worse models and more and less competitive ones. So what does the OP gain buying a PSU that is from EVGA? Especially considering his main points "reliability and price": he wins NOTHING buying a PSU because it's EVGA and not from another b