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  1. I think i get you it was folder with files so its normal in that case ?
  2. is it becaouse i dont copy the file i cut it from one partition to another ?
  3. i move 30gb from D partition to C its only from the nvme itself but i do transfer from nvme to flash drive and again drop to 0 sometimes then go up is that normal...
  4. Hello guys recently i add nvme to my system when i copy some file it goes up to 600bytes/s then sometimes drop to 0 then go again fast and stop for a while again is that normal ?
  5. Hello guys did anyone know how to fix this.. My radeon software automatically restart settings. Even without update or smth. It just restart all settings in couple of days my custom fan settings voltage and mhz settings..
  6. dont get me wrong guys its overkill but in future he can upgrade or even if he want he can go for crossfire-sli. The price difference is not that big this is my opinion better to have more instead to need upgrade the psu in time.
  7. Take a bit more for future upgrades like 800w 80% GOLD
  8. Thanks a lot mate so it can run NVME with his full speed with no problem ?
  9. thanks did it have NVMI cuz it says only m.2 but didnt say sata or nvmi ?
  10. it says only cpu sup (max) gen 9 its msi z370 gaming pro carbon AC
  11. Hello guys i have z370 mb. My question is can i run older cpu-s then 8th gen ? Cuz when i check it it says that sup 8-9th gen of intel processors but nothing for oldest cpus ?
  12. UPDATE: I remove battery from my bios and put it back it worked ! Thank you for the help guys great community !
  13. so i try with disable freesync from monitor and software its the same. I even try to unplug second monitor then i try to plug in into motherboard its the same...