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  1. if its disable from bios when i plug in second monitor into motherboard it will not work its enabled also drivers are up to date..
  2. so how can i enable the integrated GPU ? Its RX 580
  3. Hello guys. I have two monitors recently i add second monitor to the motherboard HDMI cuz i don t want to add more useless pressure to the video card so i want to work with integrated GPU from my CPU. With my main monitor video card have 7-12 Wat usage when i add second monitor to the video card its above 20 so that means it work with video card but more interesting fact is when i plug in second monitor to the motherboard wat usage is the same like its plug in to the main video card why that s happened? its seem second monitor work from video card but how its possible when second monitor is pl
  4. Hello guys can you tell me what cpu can i buy for streaming i currently have i3 8100 but i feel its not enough for streaming. I dont stream heavy games but still.. for z370 motherboard what budget cpu can i take i5 8400 or i5 8600k is there a big difference from those two or no ? Thanks
  5. Hello guys can i play games with wireless gamepad on tv with screen share is the input lag too much ? or is not that bad for gaming ?
  6. What is difference between m2. 2280 and nvme ?
  7. Hello guys which headset is better SteelSeries Sibera 150 or Razer Electra v2 ?
  8. Hello guys i try to set up redux mode on gta V but it dosnt work and now i cant run it. I follow steps for instal and i do backup i copy files and i put them in folder (mods) so how to back up the game now so i can play it.. cuz it was like 40% i dont want to start it again from 0... Or if there any folder that collect saves i can preinstall the game and just put the saves.. (sry for my bad english i learn it now)
  9. Thanks is it there any custom profile that i can copy ?
  10. Hello guys i have kfa2 gtx 1060 3gb.. fans are active all the time how can i set it to turn on at 40-50c ?
  11. Yeah guys psu have integrated fan but i see my case have place for fan for psu and hdd (they are down at the case.. sry for my bad english)