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  1. I currently own an iphone 7 plus and am looking to change to a samsung galaxy A51. Im trying to find ways i can use to transfer my whatsapp chat backup from apple to android. I have seen many apps like wondershare, mobiletrans and all those and have even tried but they make you pay. Is there an actual genuine way i can use to transfer my backup from my 7plus to my A51. Or if there is no third party apps maybe if there is some way i can use the itunes backup files to add my chat backup to my A51? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. in that case, if i do get a rx470 4gb will i like not be able to get the full potential of it since it cant get the power that it needs?
  3. yep that is also what i was looking into getting, like a rx 470 4gb or something of that sort, i doubt my psu will be able to handle a 1060 6gb.
  4. I have a pc with a i5-3470, 16GB ddr3 ram, a 1tb wd hdd, 240gb teclast ssd, a radeon r7 360 2gb and a 400w psu. i am looking to upgrade my gpu but i wanna know which gpu would be the best option for me to upgrade to with the psu that i have. my gpu is currently using a 6 pin and i also have another 6-pin with the two single 2 pin attachment wires. which would be the best gpu i should upgrade to?
  5. nevermind my issue is the ethernet adapters that im using
  6. speedtest is also giving me 30mbps, idk why cuz before on my laptop is used to get around 60mbps internet and that nic couldnt support 1.0gbps but this one im getting only 30 i dont get why.
  7. im getting around 30mpbs right now and im downloading a game on epic games where the speed is 3.1-3.5mbps and the task manager also the speed the nic is getting is 30-35mbps
  8. So, i have a tl-PA4010 and on the router side i have a cat5e 568A cable on the router side and connected to my pc is a cat6 568.2 cable. my NIC is a realtek pcie gbe family controller and the speed and duplex option does have the option for 1.0gbps full duplex however i cant seem to get the 500mbps internet that i have with this setup, anything im doing wrong? should i have both cat 5e even if they are different wiring schemes.
  9. So.. it happened, my phone (samsung galaxy j7) fell and its screen broke, touch still works. but i need to pull of some pictures and other things from the phone. I have tried using samsung kies, samsung smart switch and even adb ( well i didnt for a reason) because they all require usb debugging to be enabled which as everyone knows is not the most fun thing to do without knowing whats on the screen. is there any way i could get all this data off from my phone, its on the phone storage not an SD Card.
  10. Thanks to everyone who replied, but it wasnt a power limit or heating issue. i had installed the wrong driver so i just changed that and now its working fine.
  11. So i have a hp laptop with i5-5200u, 8gb ram, and a nvidia 940m. I have been having an issue where my cpu wont go above its base clock speed which is 2.19ghz, even when running cinebench and the cpu usage is 100%. the clock speed wont increase. i have been looking all over the internet for fixes but couldnt really find any. itd be appreciate if anyone would like to help.
  12. i have a really old laptop (hp probook 6460b) so im running an intel gpu,
  13. So the new update came, and I updated my game and launched it and the game launched but it was a black screen, like i can hear everything, if i move my cursor around and it touches one of the options it makes the sound but i cant see anything, is there any fixes to this, i have tried verifyinf game files, restarting laptop, trying a bunch of launch options and none of those have worked.any ways of fixing this.
  14. https://www.lazada.com.my/products/gen-game-s3-wireless-bluetooth-30-gamepad-gaming-controller-for-pc-android-phone-i147259735-s172392885.html?spm=a2o4k.searchlist.list.1.110e60e8iJPf72&search=1 I bought this controller and was hoping that I could connect it to my laptop with a wired connection. I checked the manual when it arrived and it says that I can but doesnt clearly state how to do it. The manual tells me to and I quote 'hold the start button and connect the controller to laptop/pc via Usb cable. And then into the usb cable mode state'. The ending bit where it tells me to put i
  15. i was trying to find cheap controllers and found this. but i am confused what the 'lqjp' means in the beginning of the name like is it the company name or is it something for a controller cuz i no nothting about controllers nor have i ever shopped for a controller.