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  1. It's a desktop system, the wiring in the building is around 24/25 years old, would this be too old? There is 1 other computer, a tv, 4-6 various phone/ tablet chargers connected. Would this be too much interference?
  2. Powerline sounds like an ideal solution for my needs, do you know of any obvious downsides? And, if no, would this be a decent choice for an adaptor (My house only has a 100mbps connection) Netgear pl1000
  3. Basically the title. I'm going to run a cable to my PC. I've got a couple of questions to make sure i get the right stuff. I need the cable to cover about 20 meters, are there any types to avoid, what's a good price, cat 5e or cat 6? Can i connect the cable to the ports on the back of the router, or will i need to get a port installed in the wall? I know basically nothing about this so sorry if these are very basic. Thanks.
  4. It just feels like a waste- because i would probably notice the new speed (at least when im downloading updates, maybe twitch and youtube as well) But i don't upload large files, stream etc so the upload speed is really unnecessary for me
  5. Im in the Uk, so my choice of supplier are basically Virgin or BT. I have a 12 month contract with a cheaper price (with bt) However i noticed that the price would go up after that point and was thinking of switching at the end of the contract. What makes it such a bad idea to switch? I would be getting a connection that better suits my needs with virgin for the same price.
  6. After looking at my current package, I have 58-73 Mbps download and 17mbps upload. With the main use of the internet being games/ watching videos, would it be good to change to a 108mbps download 6mbps upload plan for a similar price?
  7. Wait and see. We haven't got a lot on the new Cpu's so nothing definite can be said, once people get hands-on and reviews/ benchmarks come out you'll know if you should get it.
  8. I have the 2600, and 3000mhz ram. i dont know enough to answer properly but i have no issues like this.
  9. Just got bo2 and have been playing nonstop, til now. Whenever i start the mission "cordis Die" I cannot get past the opening cutscene of the mission. as soon as it finishes i get an error "Unhandled Exception" and have to close the game. I have tried all common fixes including reinstalling the game, but the error persists but only on this one mission. All of my previously completed missions remain playable and work.
  10. I have the 2 fans in that image installed, Afaik there isn't another slot
  11. i don't think that i have a 3rd place for a fan. Case is the NZXT h500 btw
  12. No, but they're both bringing air into my case. Nothing is circulating it out.
  13. As the title suggests, I have 2 fans taking in air. Normally Id just change them but as one is right above my cpu, id need to remove the cooler to change it. How important would it be for me to change the fans/ how dangerous is it to my pc to have bad airflow? Cheers.
  14. From some quick searches, your pc has about 400w of power draw, so 450-550w PSU would be decent.
  15. For a cheap PSU, Bitfenix BF450G ($59) For one which will give you more breathing room/ last longer Corsair RM550x ($109)