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  1. the receiver of course (into zone 2 high level of the receiver). Nothing is plugged in into the sub.
  2. I was planning plugging in those satellites directly to the receiver with loudspeaker cables, as they were independant speakers and plugging in the subwoofer into receiver's sub out as it were an indepedant active sub. Satellites wont pass through the amp in the z906 subwoofer and remote of the Z906 would serve as subwoofer volume control only. Isn't that going to work? Receiver high level output 1 - 5 = 5 logitech z906 satellites Receiver high level output zone 2 and 7 - 8 = B&W 607 with bi-wiring Receiver sub out (6) = Z906 active subwoofer only Not good
  3. I run into a question and after some googling, I still don't find a definitive answer: The Onkyo TX-NR686 has a subwoofer output. I'm still confused about (pre) sub out and LFE out. Pre = just means pre amplified, you need to power your subwoofer with a dedicated amplifier still Sub out does NOT equal LFE right? Sub out is a dedicated connection for the subwoofer and the receiver will deal what it should feed to them on its own. LFE on the other hand is more like a marketing term, used in relation with Dolby Digital, DTS and everything related to multi channel home theater mov
  4. @kokakolia Thank you really for your insight, it's really a perspective I'm needing. After researching and asking around about audio for around 3 month I come to the same conclusion. There always will be a better, smarter, maybe even cheaper choice. I can't wait people visiting me telling: "but what if you would went for DALI, ELAC, or that specific amplifier ... " I guess since everyone has some kind of different taste, they will always be different opinions towards listening experience. That's why this whole area is so much controversial. I've decided for the B&W 607
  5. After several hours of research, I will take the B&W 607. You guys help me with an amplifier / av receiver? Budget originally 300 € for it, but I think it will comes to features, good reviews about sound quality, personal experience from you etc. The room correction thing seems to be handy, but I'm not sure if that works 2.0 only, too, or is specialized to 5.1 systems and higher.
  6. Hissing noise, subwoofer connectivity and volume control were my main points why I struggled with active speakers. Hissing noise where yamaha H8S specific, since it was the only active speaker on my list, the other two points might get fixed if I gain more knowledge / you leadme where I have to pay attention to. Would solve my fear that someone dumb enough cranking up the volume knob so stupidly high for a few seconds, that my speaker die burning. Do you have any specific model in mind? I'm curious. Thank you for the other links, I have to look into it first before respon
  7. I looked into MartinLogan, unfortunately they seem not to be distributed in germany. No chance getting one. I need to ask you though: I don't know anything about equalizer, besides they exist. Like everyone I played with them a while and didn't care about them since then. I thought they are pro tools for some musicians and producer like Dr Dre. Mortals like me should just enjoy content like they intend to be heard. On the other hand I've come along some articles which state every odd room can be corrected by using the equalizer. I don't know how to use it, nor do I have some expensive micropho
  8. I'd love my speakers too if they'd cost 17k € The 607 are shipable to me via Alternate.de, would cost me 530 €. Would you please give me an amp to pair with it? Or a site/database, where I can dive in myself. I don't know what to care about an amp. Here sitting wanting new speakers so bad, but don't order them cause of the amp question Edit: I mean are products like this any good?
  9. It's not pointless to me, it will take the hype out of the product I'm having which makes me hope to be more realistic what to expect. I have tried sites like crutchfield.com to "listen" about the characteristics of some speakers. Luckily they had the ELAC's and the RP600m. Link here. Compared to the Klipsch, the Elac sound really as you described. Mellow smoothing edges, Klipsch sound more active and open. Comparing both side by side switching like every 5 second, I like the Klipsch. But after I listened on the same speaker for like 10 min each, The Klipsch were a little bit exhau
  10. Lets say I get the Mackie Knob 2x2. And my powered speakers, lets say the s2000pro, run at 20% max Volume. When I turn the Volume up on the Mackie, the speaker will get louder right? is there any downside to this, like loss in Details or anything? The mackie knob studio+ seems to be used professionally, there shouldnt negatively impact the sound then right? What if the max volume of my speaker stay at 20% and I turn the mackie knob all the way up? will i destroy my speaker then? or is it something like "setup your speaker to the highest, still pleasing sound level = highest volume
  11. I attached a picture with my amazing schematic skills. Length are rounded and simplified of course. Pictures from my actual setup are in my first linked thread. I've read somewhere that speakers need to be atleast 1/5 of the room length where they're firing away from the wall to "breath", thats why they are 1 m away from my walls. Speaker would/will be facing towards sitting position of course. I have listened to ZReviews sound demos (180+ videos) and filtered out headphone demos and every speaker model which was either not available for shipment to germany, or are just plain too e
  12. Since your audio equipment seems to be really really prized, I want to believe you stepped out of said door and enjoyed music on a level, I could never imagine. With that said, what are you exactly missing with the elac's (in figurative speaking)
  13. what does mellow exactly mean in terms of audio? From what I think it could be is "smoothing the edges" and "bright", is that anything near what you meant?
  14. I guess, still feeling bad about wasting your time ? The ELAC seem to be very nice according to sound demo on youtube. I have no idea with what amp to pair though. @N.tony I've listened to that linked channel, until I realised they are really limited to a few speakers. I've started to listen to zreviews sound demo playlist. Either his mic is way better than digital stereophony, or the klipsch doesn't sound anything near the elac to me. The klipsch r-15pm allow you to watch through a closed window to see the world, while the elac uni-fi ub5 opens a big door, where you can even liste
  15. Third time's a charm. Background: tl,dr: wanted to replace my logitech Z906, bought the Edifier S2000Pro. Unhappy, I though adding a subwoofer would improve it. Some stranger on the internet kinda wake me up then. S2000Pro lacks detail and bass (obviously without subwoofer) compared to my Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro. Now I want that detailed presentation of music like I have with my DT 1990 Pro in my living room. Due to me being noob into audio, I don't know what to search for. I ask strangers on the internet what to buy, I look them up, videos on the internet