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    i7 8700k
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    Asus strix z370
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    32 gb GSkill Rgb 3200
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    RTX 2080 Super
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    500 Gb SSD Samsung 960 pro
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    1: Acer x27p 2: Acer XF270HUA
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    cooler master masterliquid ml240r argb
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    Razer blackwidow chroma
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    Razer Naga
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    Gsp 350
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    Win 10

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  1. I got away with it i let it crash and burn and now i am out of the program and it says up to date and does not try to download 11 anymore thank god
  2. Looks like i canceld it kinda ?? i am out of the insider program but its still saying downloading windows 11 insider 0% in windows update
  3. Like why is there no fking CANCEL button my god i am so triggert
  4. Ye well thats not gonne work windows update is still installing it guess i am going to 11 if i want or not god i fking hate windows so fking bad
  5. Dude i am the biggest Idiot on this earth i found out what my Problem was MY FKING NOTEBOOK WAS JUMPED TO THE 2.4ghz wlan and it that seemed to be to fking slow and made it lagg very strange in netflix switching back to 5ghz all working fine BUT NOW HOW DO I STOP THE FKING 11 UPDATE i am losing it today not gonne lie
  6. It seems like i forgot to put 4k hdr in the titel the Problem is hdr not 4k 4k runs fine just when i enable hdr it all goes to shit and thats the main Problem since hdr movies look amazing when they run on that 4k old panel i will now try to update to windows 11 since they seem to have pushed some hdr fixes maybe it helps
  7. In the End it seems to be a windows 10 Hdr Problem no matter what i do i cant get any hdr content above 720p to run stable found some dude with a alienware and the same 4k oled panel having the same Problem isnt it fun if u have a 2.5k Laptop and u cant even watch Hdr netflix that my 4 year old tv has no Problem with while beeing passiv cooled :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  8. Never mind yt works netflix still uses intel piss gpu fuck netflix what the hell
  9. Using edge of all browsers makes it work since that seems to be the only one that supports hdr other then the app itself
  10. It has the same * weak af * hd630 then your laptop as igpu the system was setup fresh 2 weeks ago the drivers are up to date and for the last time i am asking for a way to force my real gpu to encode the videos since the 2017 piss intel gpu cant handel it its running perfekt at 1440p but as soon as i go up to 4k HDR it starts to struggle hell even my 2080 super destop system has a few small laggs from time to time playing back real 4k hdr so i dont think your 630 runs that without a Problem
  11. I dont see how its a software Problem the uhd gpu aint that strong and it stuggels with 4k hdr in all apps amazon prime youtube and netflix no matter if via Browser or app its crying for help at 99%
  12. I am losing my mind right now i cant watch any 4k netflix content on my Aero 15 oled it has a i9 10980hk and a 2070 super when trying to watch netflix it always uses the f*** uhd graphics and i cant get it to use the 2070 super no matter what i do on games like destiny 2 i have the options in the nivida contol panel to change between them but on netflix i dont even have the option even setting it global i still can see that it uses the stupid uhd graphics and they seem to be so shit that 4k hdr content laggs like idk what does anyone else has that Problem is there a way or tool that could forc
  13. I dont see a reason to buy a hdd anymore if u dont want like 5tb or smth i can get a 1tb samsung ssd for like 80 euro ur planning on storing games on that drive or what ?
  14. Try to find a used gtx 750ti/1050/1060 as gpu as using a gtx 460 sli setup is gonne be the biggest pain of your life xD and maybe 2x 8gb ddr3 1600mhz sticks other then that i dont really see alot that can be done here the cpu is a old non k i5
  15. xDDD Dude i have seen more exit scams + rats from well known sources then i could count u think those guys have any morals ur handing them your whole system on a silver plate but u do u i guess ^^