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  1. Monitors are fine for now. I like the 24" size with 1440, and as far as panel quality, I haven't seen many better TN panels. Once my girlfriend's monitors begin failing I might upgrade and give her mine but, until then my desk can only comfortably fit 24" monitors. I am not dropping another 2 grand between monitors desks and mounts and what not to make 27" ones happen.
  2. Budget (including currency): $2500-3000 USD Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: RT Titles (Namely Metro Exodus, RTX Minecraft, Cyberpunk 2077), CPU Heavy Titles (Civ 6), Some E-Sports(LoL, Starcraft II), and I am a big fan of single player experiences such as DOOM, Fallout(w/ mods), Witcher III, etc. Also a decent chance I might do some engineering oriented CAD(Solid works, Creo Parametric), fluids(Fluent[lol, no, too rich for my blood], Open Foam) but likely more as a hobby and less for work. If I need to do stuff for work I can just have them get m
  3. No reason not to wait at this point, not like I can get a 3080 anyways lol
  4. I would go with an 850W. Price isn't that different and it will give you lots of headroom for some over locking.
  5. I think the said the 400 series would be getting it sometime in 2021.
  6. It concerns me that I have helped people build their computers and couldn't answer that. Thank you!
  7. So from what I can tell X670 motherboards aren't going to be around at launch. I'm planning on nabbing one of the new Zen 3 processors at launch but I think I may have just realized a problem in my plan. I picked up an Asus ROG Strix X570-E today since a motherboard is better than no motherboard, and the ones on new egg are selling out, but is it even going to work? AMD said they would have the support with "a simple firmware update", buuuut I don't have a current processor for that board. Is it even possible to use them out of the box or am I going to need to get an older ryzen pr
  8. It isn't whether or not 144hz makes a difference. The difference is noticable but minimal the real question is whether it is worth the loss of contrast ratio and color. There is improvement and I just don't think it's worth it. I'm just trying to see whether in what instance it is supposed to be worth it, because everything I have been told suggests 144hz is some kind of magical thing that is worth every compromise.
  9. The Asus Zenbook Flip UX370 is a good choice for a student. It has good specs for the price (i7-7500u, 16GB Ram, 512 GB nvme ssd), as well as it supports an active stylus and has a finger print scanner, and the battery life with some proper power management and non-excessive use should last all day. Overall quality of feel is exceptional, its extremely portable with a 12" form factor and 13.3" screen. The IO is exclusively USB-Type C to allow for the form factor, but Asus was kind enough to give you a type-c to HDMI/USB-A 3.0 in the box. Overall it's really light and fairly potent, and like ev
  10. The 8th gen intel processors are a very new thing there are only a handful of laptops out there with them, and none that I know of with the HQ level of processors. You said that you need something for your work load, but you didn't say what your workload was so that is not super helpful. You said you aren't really gaming though so I would go with the Asus Zenbook Pro, or the Lenovo Yoga 720. The zenbook will be lighter but a touch less powerful with the lower ram configuration, but both are good designs and solid machines.
  11. 1. I am 100% without a doubt actually pushing 144hz. Figured out everything I needed to do to make that happen before I even bought the monitor. 2. To clarify by IPS vs 144hz, I meant that for most people you kind of have to choose between a high refresh TN panel or a 60hz IPS because the high refresh ones are super expensive. The question was for the same money is it worth. 3. Just because a monitor has a higher refresh rate does not mean it will look any smoother to you. The human eye sees light at 60Hz as a stable beam. That is why in the US our AC current is at 60 hz and why 60fps is a
  12. Okay, so after a little over a year of having a 144hz monitor I can officially say, that I still kinda don't get it. I have an Asus vg248, 144hz 1ms response time, running 144 hz via display port and, I still just kinda don't get it. I don't really notice a difference past 65 fps in the appearance of what I am doing, and honestly the response time is so slight in difference that I don't see a difference between it, and my girlfriends Acer monitor which is IPS. So, what am I missing? It seems like color, and contrast ratio, for... what? Did I jump on the hype train to sadness town, or do I
  13. I hate to be that guy, but are you using the same cable for both of them (i.e. both display port, both HDMI)? I have seen that cause problems before and its a pretty simple fix.
  14. My recommendation is this Dell. It is a high gloss 1440p IPS pannel so good for immersion due to the panel quality and the lack of a matte finish, which has a negative impact on picture quality in my opinion. It is not an ultrawide or curved, but for CAD work I personally prefer the 16:9 ratio. It is currently on sale in your price point, though it has not been reviewed by anyone besides one idiot who thought usb-c would charge his 90W laptop. Other than that this is a monitor focused more around non competitive gaming since it is ips panel with no g-sync, but it looks phenomenal.
  15. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/dell-27-led-gsync-monitor-black/5293502.p?skuId=5293502 1440p, Gsync, 144hz, 27" TN Panel, Display Port (duh), HDMI, Built in usb hub, goes on sale from best buy for $499 often and $399 rarely.