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  1. It can... Unless you think gravity is fake. Not dumb, something like only 1-5% of all workplace accidents/near misses are reported in Canada every year. Machine failures are not required to be reported if no close call/injury/property damage happens (as in it fails the daily inspection by falling half way up or refusing to go further). One machine I worked with had several failures during the time used yet that machine wasn't defective nor poorly maintained by the workers and the company. They are no different than cars some need more maintenance than others, but they all still need ma
  2. Our health and safety officials are called officers. While you might think it's nothing I can almost guarantee if LMG submitted all videos taken involving the forklift they would likely in fact face fines if claims made are correct, likely mainly due to Linus being there permitting it to happen (they would assume he asked/demanded them too do it if not mentioned in the video). Not sure about where you live but Canada has cracked down on stuff as displayed in the clip and claims made here, you can mainly thank 15 year olds doing stupid stuff (and dying) along with companies not being smart as w
  3. The forks can be seen as the load as they are removable tho I did misread your comment thinking something was still on them however as dumb as it may sound if you still had a cable on the forks still that is technically a load. If hydraulic failure was to happen (can happen no mater what the maintenance history on the unit is) the forks would force the mast to fall faster than if nothing was attached and would pose a larger safety issue for those close to the machine. I'm also sure having your forks in the air is still a health and safety violation if it served no safe purpose in having t
  4. It's also a good thing it didn't make the cut, if the local labor board saw you doing that in the video big trouble could have come your way, not sure if you know this or not but if someone got hurt the driver is equally to blame as the company and may have fines (potentially criminal actions) applied to them as well as the company, driver should of told Linus (or whoever asked) "no" to doing it, best part is if it is genuinely unsafe (which it was) they can't be penalized (misuse of equipment). If your neighbors saw you doing it they still can report you esp if they have video of you doing it
  5. Why were the forks in the air at 7:40? They really shouldn't be, not with people actively walking around them.
  6. Incorrect, Linus in fact bought the Tesla, for his in-laws. Thanks, I wasn't sure what video he said it in, the video I shared is the one floating around the comments section of YouTube.
  7. Improves products? Yes, also Tesla has technically done that too slowly upgrading their vehicles. Improves reasons to actually buy their products and support the company? Not so much.
  8. He was a employee at LMG who unfortunately passed away a few days ago. Yea that can be fixed via software, the issue is North American governments are wimps. Ontario shot down RTR last year, currently the RTR laws in many places are lacking in NA. Till that changes buying a Tesla vs a full EV (or any car for that matter) from Ford, DC, Chevy or anyone won't make a difference. Once laws force change then change will happen. In the US they have it for phones and other devices but not for cars really.
  9. "never looked in my rear view mirror." I'm sorry that's dangerous and down right careless, Yes Tesla is better than others with 3 cameras but getting accustom to it is a bad idea, plus your eyes can't focus on all 3 at once. The number of times I've nearly been hit by people backing out from driveways or parking lots staring at said screens is a disgrace to the tech being a "safety feature", even with models that have pedestrian detection. One time I head beeping and a little yellow arrow on the side mirror before the the vehicle stopped, guess where their head was looking.
  10. The problem is they are not rolling out fast enough, and won't likely happen for another 4-6 months. The issue isn't countries or the economy either as long as the world works together we'll all recover, it's the people. I've seen it locally where I live where after being bottled up for months inside their own homes/local street communities people are more and more willing to go out and socialize, violate social distance (w/o masks outside), visit friends and family, my neighbors are thankfully not like that, it was a quite Thanksgiving as was Christmas. Just before where I live went into lock
  11. What you are seeing isn't likely Christmas sadly, but Thanksgiving and/or Black Friday, Christmas cases will likely hit somewhere around next week up to mid January. Just remember incubation time is somewhere between 3-21 days, and most people in the ICU won't need to go there immediately.
  12. What part of truckers needing to do medicals and companies getting them did you not understand? There are always exceptions. You have constitutional rights that get removed every time you visit a Costco or any other place you visit that requires you to show your receipt. I can tell you now no Government not the current nor the next will fine or shutdown any company down for demanding a covid vaccine, if said company can prove it would be beneficial to everyone. https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=cde51318-beac-4b2b-91c9-3b633dd3e263 You were sayin
  13. Right, like I stated working isn't a right, so no one is forcing you to provide that information. It's the same reason why Costco can legally demand to see your receipt even tho your rights as a US citizen prevent that from happening. Certain rights can be removed if conditions are in place, that's my point. Obviously they can't fire someone for not being able to get the vaccine, however that would need a note from the doctor in good faith stating said person can't take the vaccine. You talk about HIPAA as tho there is no loopholes that people can't use, I guarantee you
  14. I don't think you get proof of getting the flu shot, plus not getting the flu shot isn't really going to hurt people like not getting the covid one could. You are right they can't force you but they can also let you go as well with proper notice, all they have to do is update their policies for employment and you either sign it or don't. For the lying doctors well, that is where a proof system works, one can't really lie then (they could, but why would they really). Just remember depending how your local government sets up the vaccine you are not forced in any way to get it but no
  15. True, but it is well within the companies rights, at least for now. I would say Amazon needs to be one of those companies once the vaccine is readily available, local amazon depots accounted for 200 or 400 cases in a week or 2 period just before Christmas. True, same here no one can demand it outside of work and health situations, however Ontario was talking about how those who get vaccinated could get a card or certificate as proof (to get around that likely). They might be able to legally request that, but I'm not 100% sure but I would assume it would be equal to stepping foot
  16. Honestly it depends on a few factors, ultimately I highly doubt the "you need a vaccine to fly" will last for more than a year, if at all. Now nothing is stopping companies from demanding their employees to get the vaccine initially less medical reasons not too, same with entering say a seniors home to visit a loved one. So the factors I would consider making the vaccine mandatory would be if the work place demands it, if the country/location you wish to visit has failed to get it under control which it may not be required but would be smart to get, or it mutates in such a way making it more d
  17. They mentioned the 300 were not likely able to transmit the virus at time of testing, however it is unknown if they ever were able too or not as they tested people who were close to them all coming back negative. Equally should note only 190 of the 300 showed antibodies, while the others could be false positives or still in early stages which means they may still be able to spread the virus.
  18. Even if the numbers are wrong, they apparently did screen nearly 10 million people. However they were looking for undiscovered cases and not really asymptomatic as the original article linked pointed out. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-19802-w That article is full of twisted wordplay (literally the link they referenced too): https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/more/masking-science-sars-cov2.html I've said it (as well as others) just because they are asymptomatic at time of testing doesn't mean they won't develop them afterwards, you can spread it up
  19. Wake me up when we reach 1TB/s, that will be interesting.
  20. I never want to hear budget and $1000 for a computer together being used in the same context again. Title has it right, Linus had it all wrong. Also, also 5700 XT is PCI 4 compatible... Not like it can use it but it has it. Equally I find it funny how Linus is playing nice towards the 5700 XT but bashed on AMDs 6000 series.
  21. I couldn't continue the video after 6:48 because...
  22. Yea that would do it lol... Also I'm surprised that a Seagate lasted that long. I know they used to make good stuff ages ago so maybe your drive was one of those.
  23. I've literally dropped a 2TB WD drive onto the sidewalk(Linus had no influence on that, ice did) and it still works 5 years later, or at least the person who uses it hasn't complained about it dying...(they complained about the fans being clogged of cat fur) Unless for whatever reason you had it powered on in said car, then sure. My Hitachi 160GB IDE drive died about 2-3 years ago I think, tho age is meaningless esp if you only had it powered on for a total on time of 100 days, at which time that thing is still a baby in my setups. I think my 1TB Seagate had about 400 days maybe more of l
  24. That's every Seagate I've ever owned Not 100% sure on it actually killing it, maybe but why would anyone want to lick a computer part while it is actively plugged in unless you have a death wish.
  25. Yea over 12 years no dead components for me. I personally watched it to watch Linus suffer