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  1. Linus: "I don't support piracy" Also Linus: *Displays the full file without a care* Equally Linus didn't know about WinKey+Tab on windows 10 for virtual desktops? Yet he knows the keys? WTF Guess I've been running W11 since 2016 lol... Unless there is a new feature where Display 1 can have 5 Desktops and Display 2 can have 22, but I have my doubts as I wouldn't think anyone would use that, unless they want to hide "stuff" . Right now I think what they have (and what was "leaked) is just windows 10 with a facelift, but if W11 actually does happen (it could
  2. I wouldn't bother spending $500 on a unit as cheap as the one you have unless you plan on upgrading, at which time I would say wait till you get the new unit and see if it has the issue, because it might not. I also think most devices esp now expect you to be running a 16:9 ratio screen not a 4:3.
  3. Fixed it for you, all jokes aside the video was done by Alex so I would expect it to be accurate, and I doubt his ego is as bad as Linus's and would actually ask (or research into it) fellow co-workers if he didn't know about something... Should have had 0100110001101001011011100111010101110011% less Linus and more Alex, guess Linus was bored that day. Either that or Alex threw him in as a sick gag, at which time I'm ok with then. Overall an actually decent video for LTT.
  4. Isn't that more of a player issue that can be fixed in settings? Or have you already tried everything to fix it? Their mistake was to let a monkey help Jake setup the projector and screen. Though I'm not sure outside of LTT who would allow that anyways.
  5. $3 That's a steal even if it's an outdated size. Tho I know for projectors the 800*600 may not look as bad as it would on a normal monitor if stretched a bit. There's been 3 companies always in the market afaik ViewSonic, Panasonic and Epson. I'm equally surprised to see JVC is still kicking...
  6. What projector do you have? I've always considered a projector over a TV, but every time I look there's always conflicting information in the companies junk, plus I keep seeing names flip every few years... I've not owned a TV since CRT days As why bother? My computer and the monitors it has attached are better than any TV esp w/o the extra costs associated to getting one. Yea yea 4k blah blah blah hd this hd that blah blah blah... 95% of the stuff I own are still dvd lol
  7. Care to explain what's wrong with video's like GN and such? Because they all called Nvidia out on the literal fest they are doing, in their own way, everyone but Linus that is. GN even took jabs at Linus in his 3070 Ti video Including price to performance breakdowns (starts at point of interest) Edit: Also around the 8 minute mark Is the 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti a waste of silicon? No, are they a waste of your money? Yes. Also fyi bashing Linus about video cards around here seems to get you nothing but the angry fanboi's after you Can't tell if they are Linus F
  8. Totally, I can't seem to find anyone else but HP who sells the 5600G and for no good reason (given, could be supply issues) AMD has decided us PC builder plebs are not worthy of the APU However APU is the way to go right now. So... here is the next closest thing I could get as it seems like nothing exists: I own the Motherboard (only noticed the board after I looked for the NVME slot lol) and had no issues, the CPU while having 2 cores 4 threads less it does have Vega 11 graphics which is theoretically better than the Vega 7 that HP has, but by no means a dedicated GPU beate
  9. Yea I know (people don't believe that to be the case around these forums it seems), but when you have a $580 card MSRP in the build and you charge an additional $770 for another card that's worth $700 MSRP something is likely up with that. Assuming they give you the branding of the card one can easily find out the prices for said unit outside of scalpers, usually BestBuy etc. The only example I found at the time of actually looking (about a week ago) was Origin: https://www.originpc.com/configurator/neuron/ (note websites main page claims a $2200 starting, their preselected ca
  10. You need to be extremely careful in doing this however, I've caught SI's even ones located in Canada charging costs on top of the stock stock item instead of the difference. GN or Jay brought this up in one of their videos. So while I do agree esp with Dell in this hellhole of a market, going prebuilt that will last 1-2 years for $800 is still cheaper than getting ripped off by a SI of equal mounts threw sketchy price practices. Just if anyone buys directly from HP or Dell ensure they don't get needless charges. Note to OP: Digital Storm has a similar spec'd computer
    1. Spotty


      Damn, guess I won't be buying two.



    2. Murasaki


      I think it would be best to buy it from somewhere else

    3. Egg-Roll


      26 minutes ago, Spotty said:

      Damn, guess I won't be buying two.

      It's a smart move, doesn't stop multi-accounting or bots sadly. Wonder how many bots actually bought it at that price if it was ever available lol...


      1 minute ago, Murasaki said:

      I think it would be best to buy it from somewhere else

      Scalpers would be 2x cheaper at least 🤣

  11. No you don't just simply take out one of the biggest issues... If you do that then there is no chip shortage either. Reality is who do you think people are selling too on eBay? Gamers? Please, what gamer is crazy enough to buy a 3080 for 2x+ its price? Not many, not enough to justify the situation on the second hand market, outside of new releases anyways. The fact I can sell my 1070 if I really wanted too for equal or more (potentially up to double) than what I actually paid for it brand new states this, that card will be sold to a miner not a gamer as only miners can justify such a cost. A 3
  12. The issue is that's the second hand market, something out of the hands of Nvidia, something that changes daily, tomorrow those cards could be worth $10,000 or $300, so calling out anyone who ignores that market is really the silly thing to do as everyone including Linus doesn't condone the current second market. If you haven't already go watch GNs video he actually broke down the second hand market findings. Then you have to factor in the 6900 XT at the base MSRP which is $1000, if AMD set theirs to $1200 too then there'd be no argument over price difference (but one could still complain about
  13. That's fine, just don't call people dumb over scalpers and the real dumb people willing to pay those prices. A 3080 non Ti is 100% not worth 2x the price let alone the Ti variant. People who are buying those are miners or very desperate gamers, likely miners. So those prices should be meaningless to gamers and consumers. Also yes at least for the 3080 Ti the MSRP is too high as outside of the current market situation the units wouldn't move as well as they are now. So since no one can predict how long this will last no one should be saying the prices are not too high or justify the prices beca
  14. He was more clear this video (forgot to mention that) but I think that's him more covering his own butt from the poor reception of the 3080 Ti video. Truth be told the 70 Ti series has never been the worst deal going, but they've never been potentially the only cards on the market giving people a choice as well. The issue is comparing performance to MSRP is the only real way as saying card x is better than card y but never stating that card y is 10x cheaper can lead to further issues. For example if you compare the 3060 to the 3090 you'll say the 3090 will win no matter what, but o