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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 2400MHz
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  1. Due to the current situation the world is in the person showing up has every right to refuse to do service, charge a fee and tell him to rebook which will likely be 1+ month wait, just because LTT was still there. It's simply not worth the risk depending on what was agreed upon as LTT might be responsible for that fee and be best to just leave before they get there. As for returning to complete shooting, it might not be worth it financially as Linus would have to pay the whole crew (potentially even Colton, as it would likely fall under a normal work day for him caused by a situation he had no
  2. The worst part is (usually after 6 or so months) Youtube will nullify your red bar viewing history so you could easily think you never saw it. So you could have seen the video twice which makes you think Colton has had a free PC upgrade already, esp if it gets suggested after watching the newest $5000 PC video (Riley) at that time. I know I've watched it, yet no red bar. So let's blame Youtube for this one
  3. Colton and Rileys videos are fairly similar in chaos towards Linus, so you are likely remembering Mr. Piano Man Rileys video.
  4. The $1000 door has a logic to it, if people can't break in via it, its worth the investment. Imagine buying a $200 door then a $5000 setup and someone spends 30 seconds to break in and steals your setup. That $1000 door doesn't look too bad now does it? Linus complains about the paint job but ignores the far worst floor job
  5. Do you really need IPS tho or would the cheaper TN/VA work? Assuming you are in the USA You could pick a IPS MSI unit that is 24" 144Hz at Micro Center for $180, however I've not been able to find out who makes the panels, nor have I ever seen one in use. The issue is so far what I've seen is more pixels and/or bigger screen the price jumps heavily for IPS which makes getting a IPS 1440 possibly out of budget esp in the current situation the world is in. My TN panel I bought (in 5 days) a year ago is currently being sold $20 more "on sale" locally just to give you an idea. Accordin
  6. Both LG and Samsung make decent monitors, and both should have 144 hz options in 1080/1440 within your budget. If you go 1080 stick with 24". Acer is ok, the question is who makes the panels. I've personally have stayed with LG
  7. Based on your topic history I'm guessing USA? If so I wouldn't really bother trying to get anything 3000 unless you go to EVGA and wait (3+ months I hear), but I would go the route of BlueChinchillaEatingDorito and try finding a decently priced 2000 series card If you care about RTX/Nvidia goodies that is, if not then try grabbing a 6000 series card or worst case a 5700 XT if at a really good price only and cheaper than/equal to the 2060 (which in canada is currently not the case), but for the 5700 XT know that there are a ton of reported issues with them, mostly being software related. I've n
  8. CC is weird, in the AMD video topic I found out they have so many 2700X units still they are trying to sell them on Amazon I'm actually surprised they still have 2060's left however. To answer your question as to picking it up or not, not 100% sure. The 3070 out preforms it about 50-60% (in some titles even more) so I would expect the 3060 would do about 25% at least. Tho instant sell out is likely on launch. *Based on GN's 3070 game benchmarks. It is a really good price for it imo for all non-4k gaming, sadly no * which mean no open box (I also miss the select store s
  9. Nice forum bug after a topic gets locked.

  10. Check remote Canada Computers, might get lucky assuming you can travel to one.
  11. I was referring to the 6800 not the 6800 XT(curse you AMD and your stupid naming schemes), the video I linked was the 6800 review It got no where near the 3090 but got close or surpassed the 6800 XT and 3080 at stock speeds. 3070 for RT only 6800 for poor mans 6800 XT or 3080 (no RT, less a few titles), or a great non RT card to out preform the 3070 esp when on sale. Still yet to be seen if it can be flashed with XT FW. 3080 for RT 6800 XT a competitor for 3080 or poor mans 3090 less RT similarly to the 6800 is to the 3080/6800 XT. 3090 6900 XT TBD
  12. GN posted their 6800 review 2 days ago lol, I missed it back then: TL:DR It's basically the poor mans 6800XT/3080 (or close to) when OC'd or a 3070 equal when on sale, w/o taking RT into consideration *Game dependent ok, I'm guessing you took the 32GB over as well and didn't suffer with only 16GB, I hope anyways as that would have been brutal lol. I try to close nothing myself as I hate loading times, half the time I even forget I have things still open
  13. Could it be the PSU? Because assuming it is using the same board, I'm also using the z170 chip set and mine is comfy at 4.10Ghz 24/7, tho ASUS might have gotten cheap on that particular board so I won't rule that out. If neither then you just got unlucky with a shitty chip, which sucks. Yea simulators are a pain in the ass to run on the 6600K I think thats the main reason why Satisfactory loves crashing so much because the chip can't deal with it and a browser open at the same time. With others I also notice performance loss with other stuff open too, sometimes significant. Kind of
  14. Don't trust any review sites beyond the basics, and even then. Simple reason being is this: There is no 6 core option and most of the time 8 core options are either inaccurate or nonexistence as per UBM. This image shows the 2700X vs the 8700K, one has 8 cores the other has 6, so why isn't the 2700X kicking its ass by at least 20%? A more complex reason why one shouldn't trust places like UBM or even TA is multi-tasking. Yes Intel wins at Fortnite and CS:GO among others paired with the right GPU however the 2 fewer cores and 4 fewer threads means you can do fewer things
  15. Not 100% correct at least based on his words: He was basically repaying them. Equally he'll buy people close to family Teslas but won't buy one himself Even tho the X is technically as good if not better than any Minivan out there, that shit aint flipping for nothing: However I can't disagree with your other words. Linus claims FB had no issues with no holding back yet he clearly didn't go into the specifics/basics of the negative issues of actually owning one requiring a FB login only including the loss of all games if you lose your account for an