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  1. Why don't you just use a phone that doesn't require you to wear a headset and adjust the dialplan of your instance of asterisk to direct the calls to it?
  2. Ok, but yet another forum and going to more lengths trying to get devices to work that should be working fine to begin with isn't what I want. That would be a lost cause. The tablet isn't worth investing any time into. The speach to text would have to work for German. I don't know about the support for English, but I know how badly the software for Android devices sucks and that they are a dead end.
  3. No, I haven't, I have no idea what model or brand to look for. The information I need is usually not available. I'll check them out. What kind of tweaks do you have in mind? Ok, the Nokia is out. The phone I had that was broken after a short time was from Nokia, and the 1.3 comes with this so-called 'Android Go' --- and that is total crap which I don't want to mess with at all. I have that on the tablet and its awful; if I could remove this crap and use something else for the tablet, I would. The Motorola seems ok? Do you have one? Would it work? Is i
  4. It seems to me that you like euphemisms a lot. If it's only Apple scanning stuff that has been intentionally and voluntarily uploaded to their servers, that wouldn't be anything new, and one could argue that it is Apples obligation to make sure that their services can not easily being used for illegal things --- or at least that they should do something against their servers being used to distribute child ponography. Or maybe they shouldn't because it's very problematic. And if that is so, then what the FSS is saying isn't just not aligned with facts, it's total misinformation and trying to
  5. You also you need to find out what the small box at the end of the cable actually does. Is it a bridge device, as is should be, or does it function as a router or as something else? That your workstation sometimes has internet access would indicate the latter.
  6. Wow, that would be a total misinformation and entirely misleading then. With giving such misinformation, they'll loose all credibility in general. What is 'hyperbolic language'? I don't know if they are religious, though. That's not something I would want to buy. No, why would that be? Root access is enabled on my computers, and I couldn't actually use them if I didn't have root access. That involves servers as well which are constantly running and are constantly connected. It has been that way for a long time and never was an issue. I'm not f
  7. See here: https://www.fsf.org/news/a-wake-up-call-for-iphone-users-its-time-to-go Is it not true what they are saying? And I'm not condoning Googles practises, it only seems a less bad option. Really? Why would I buy a device that runs on batteries that can't be replaced? Will the manufacturer replace it when they need to be replaced at no more than the cost of the batteries? And what about protecting the environment? Actually, I wonder if it's even legal to make devices like that because it's unnecessaryly wasteful and polluting the environment, and there are lots of
  8. Calls over WLAN are mobile, of course. Are you sure? The only phone I can try with is a Samsung GT-S7710, and no matter what settings you use, they are being ignored. It goes to sleep and is missing the calls. So I'm hoping that someone has a phone that actually works and can tell which phone can do it. I don't want to buy arbitrary phones to test and then return them when they don't work. That would be rather unwieldy for a phone. That's what you can do with above Samsung. What's the difference between removable and replacable? I won't ca
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a cell phone that has --- or can run --- a sip client without going to sleep all the time and thus becoming useless. I need it to work with asterisk over WLAN, and, of course, without a phone card. It shouldn't be necessary to modifiy the phone to get root access for this. Anything Apple is out of the question because they are about to rape all users with their total surveillance. Batteries must be replacable. Any recommendations?
  10. I don't understand why you would run a computer with broken memory in the first place. Is it due to shortages?
  11. Swap power supply for a more powerful one. It's seems unlikely because the computer doesn't crash, but that's what I would try.
  12. @Stahlmann Ok, so you are rich and live in Germany --- good for you. Most people in Germany aren't rich, and most people don't live there. If I was rich, I wouldn't live in Germany. That VGA may on the way of getting used less and less doesn't mean that it's most commonly used, and yes, when you buy a monitor that uses the most commonly used type of input, you do severely limit your options. There is no point in adding more replys about VGA here, so I won't add any more.