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  1. How does this one stack up in general: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16824012015?Item=N82E16824012015 That's probably about my budget.
  2. Sorry for the absence. Not sure what my budget is as the lack of ~24in screens makes this a bit harder to specific what I want. Right now I'm running a pair of U2410's that work great for everything but being limited to 60Hz for gaming. One of them is starting to get LCD bleed through so was thinking I would just replace it with a higher refresh rate 24in panel keeping the 1440p resolution. Now that I'd be running unequal sized monitors that makes me reconsider how I want to redo things and yes I do want to keep a pair of monitors as I like the physical divide better than side by side on a
  3. Folks, I can't seem to find a high refresh 1440p (QHD/2K) IPS monitor floating around on the secondary market. Seems like everything out there is a TN panel. Did IPS in those refresh rates not come out till fairly recently so nothing is really floating around yet? Thanks
  4. Howdy folks, I've been watching the reaction to the NVidia 30 series and the shock that the AMD 6000 series gave when they were announced yesterday mainly with looking how it affects the second hand market as I'm not a cutting edge gamer and I use SolidWorks 2016 on an infrequent basis. While I was able to drop my thermals on my 1070 FE by redoing the paste to keep it from going into thermal throttling in my current selection of games, the newer stuff I'm interested in has finally walked the recommended settings to just past the 1070. This has me interested in getting a Titan XP
  5. Don’t know if you bought the M4000 yet but I poked around for the first time on Facebook Marketplace and noticed there is someone selling a pair of Quadro RTX 4000s for $400 each. I seriously thought about it but looking into the performance the fact it’s a single slot design makes it run obscenely hot for gaming which is probably 60% of my usage of a card. However wouldn’t be a bad one for your friend if it’s in the budget.
  6. I'm coming around to your way of thinking reading how the EVGA AIOs are produced in batch lots so a Pascal block/pump would be out of support now and AIOs do wear out. That sounds like a decent system considering the improvement in architecture in CPUs, don't run CAM so don't know how that scales but then again stuff like that tends to be time in the background while it paths the tool and generates the G-code. That RAM ought to handle the fun. Had an M4000 before the P4000 and it was good till I went crazy with trying to make stuff look real and add 100's of fasteners to an asse
  7. Here's a slightly updated look at how the RTX Quadros helped with SW19+ https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/SOLIDWORKS-2019-Quadro-RTX-Series-in-Enhanced-Graphics-Performance-Mode-1385/ Looking over the available stuff I couldn't find a direct comparison with between Pascal and Turing performance with SW19+. I emailed Puget asking if they had some data on that comparison for the Quadros. I did find some data on how the 2080 Ti,Titan Xp, and Quadros did and SolidWorks doesn't appear to be one of the applications where NVidia pushed Quadro driver stuff into the Titan li
  8. What version of SolidWorks are they going to be running? Up to SW19 that advice was spot on about a higher clock, lower core count CPU and the GPU only coming into play if you were running the RealView Graphics option to a limited effect. I went in with a registry editor and added the 1070 to the list and got RealView working on it but you can’t do a optics path render like you can on a Quadro. That changed with SW19, at work where I have a Xeon and Quadro system I’ll routinely peg the GPU (P4000) just rotating a large model in the interface. Now I’m still running SW16 at home but in
  9. I looked up the part number and that’s a Titan X (Pascal) vs. the Titan Xp. Probably a minor thing for my applications as well. However, is the answer really just RTX 3070? It’s got a price point right at the same neighborhood as the rest of these cards.
  10. I think that one is running on the lower end of Titan Xp prices, potentially due to the cooler. I agree that the AIO cooler have a slightly shorter lifespan but based on some of the reviews about how hard the Titan chokes on it's own cooling solution it seems like a worthwhile upgrade. This also seems like it was done with a kit vs. a kludge on a CPU block.
  11. I really dislike linking things I’m interested I out of fear that someone will “snipe” it out from under me but this is the specific one that has caught my eye, especially after watching GN’s hybrid build results: https://www.ebay.com/itm/GTX-Titan-X-12gb-Pascal-900-1G611-2500-000-with-EVGA-Hybrid-Cooler/174444555897 Seems like I could recoup a good portion of that cost selling my 1070 FE as well.
  12. While watching all of the new benchmarking, testing, and especially all of the in-depth examination of components and coolers (I love science and engineering) for the new 30XX launch, I’ve been watching the used market to see what shakes out. Steve (GN) and Jay (Jayz2cents) have mentioned, unless you aren’t happy with your current card’s performance, don’t bother upgrading to 30XX yet. While 2080 tis have popped back up in price and even 1080 tis aren’t really that much cheaper, a quick look through eBay completed listings shows a lot of Titan Xp (Pascal) for a $100-150 premium on the 1080 t
  13. Howdy Folks, Looking at upgrading my work SolidWorks battlestation from it’s existing P4000 to something with ray tracing to support the massive (1000+ parts) assemblies I routinely work on. I do a fair amount of rendering so I’m hammering the CPU but the GPU sits idly by. Does anyone have any experience with doing SolidWorks renderings with an RTX Quadro? Does the GPU do any work? Thanks
  14. Howdy folks, Just to start this out, I don’t have a dying card so patience is an option for me. Usage case is my primary desktop for gaming and SolidWorks useage. I play mostly older titles and not really the first person shooters, I do however play games that I want to look nice and have long draw ranges so the scenery never jumps in on me to break the immersion. SolidWorks is stuck at 2016 as they dropped the “two seat” rules allowing me to have a work license and home one installed and active when we got new licenses at work with SW18 so it’s not GPU accelerated like SW19+ is
  15. Just because I wanted to close this out, I checked the PS that came out of the case and it’s a SFX unit. That opens things up quite a bit. Thanks