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  1. Does something like this appear that it'd fit? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:134230
  2. I've been working on a few rally in car videos lately. If you are interested in rally check them out, they're something I enjoy working on after the rallies are complete. It gives me a chance to get in some video editing practice, although it is pretty tricky to come out with any reasonable video while you're focused on co-driving. The latest video I put together is this one. I'm co-driving in a Mini Cooper S. https://youtu.be/5QcJKfQLrvs
  3. That hasn't been posted in here yet has it?
  4. I believe this particular thread is to see what sort of crazy contraptions people come up with for home storage. While the massive rack mounts are impressive and I'm totally jealous of them, I personally like to flip through and examine a lot of the odd ones where people come up with unique solutions to stretch what is possible.
  5. I've just moved into a new house so obviously I need to setup the network before I bother to get my clothes unpacked and the kitchen setup. I've been investigating the various solutions and can't decide what I need. I've been investigating some of the consumer solutions like the Netgear Orbi and the TP-Link mesh systems. I'm not confident that I'm not missing something. I looked into the Ubiquity solutions a bit because I looked after a small office network with their gear, but I never had to do much with it as I took it over after it was installed. I'm looking at mostly wireless solution
  6. I have a ROG GL752VW which I'd like to replace. I did buy a rift a while ago which lives at a friends place because the 960M in my laptop suffers from the HDMI not found issues that I later learned while troubleshooting is typical of laptops trying to work with the rift. The laptop works well for everything else I do with it, but I want some more VR in my life. Are there some good sub $2000CAD laptops out there that would be a good replacement. I'd like to keep the full keyboard with number pad and more importantly a 17" screen, battery life is irrelevant. I'm only ever unplu
  7. I'd never noticed this with my shucked drives, but all the newer ones are Seagates. I've just brought home a WD drive and now I'll know what to do if that happens.
  8. http://timdine.ca/linstore/rankings.html Some change at the top, and I got bumped out of the top 30. I don't think I'm ok with that. Time for an upgrade, or at least an expansion...
  9. A processor on a co-workers desk. It's an IBM watercooled processor from a long gone server. Banana for scale... Big handle for inserting it, the water port is on the left side of the last photo. It has a metal plug inserted.
  10. Updated the repo with systems up to now. I'll generate some new lists from that.
  11. How do you have the externals hooked up? You're not running 231TB of USB drives are you?
  12. Are there any users here who are using a Freedom360 Rig using an array of GoPro cameras whose brain I could pick about your workflows? I'm curious mostly about 360 photography, but I've been doing some investigating about mixing in some streaming using HDMI capture dongles.
  13. That does seem like a much more straight forward solution. Prevent issues with the GoPro locking up by just removing the problem. I could then still use an external mic on the GoPro to capture a channel of ambient sound. It does assume I'm not going to have the same issues with the audio recorder and the inputs, but I can position that so I can see what's happening with it since it doesn't have to be in a specific location in the car. I could set it to run for several hours if I got a recorder with enough space, I tend to use the wireless remote to start and stop the cameras s
  14. I've been using Hitfilm Express for editing and combining GoPro footage. I find it's pretty easy to match up multiple videos and overlay them, which is really all I've been doing with it. I've had some good experiences recently with post processing video stabilization in HitFilm since I often have some shaky bits of footage from bumpy roads. Davinci Resolve seems to be pretty popular, has anyone using that used HitFilm as a comparison?