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    kting15 reacted to Spindel in Apple Silicon Mac Announcement - Slow Motion Dumpster Fire   
    Now you are just making up things about what a personal computer is. 
    "A personal computer is a multi-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and price make it feasible for individual use. Personal computers are intended to be operated directly by an end user, rather than by a computer expert or technician."
    If these AS macs aren't personal computers then there is no such thing as a personal computer.
    These Macs might not suit your needs, but currently you are just ranting because change is scary.  
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    kting15 reacted to Prodigy_Smit in Apple Silicon Mac Announcement - Slow Motion Dumpster Fire   
    I may have lost most of my brain cells reading this post. You would have to be drunk to expect a 1st generation chip to have all the features of a CPU that is 10 generations in i.e intel cpus. And if you thing your samsung phone will have good eGPU support in the next few years I want whatever you are smoking. 
    Microsoft made an ARM powered computer.
    Mac OS and iPad os are very different.
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    kting15 reacted to Spindel in Apple Silicon Mac Announcement - Slow Motion Dumpster Fire   
    What did I just read?
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    kting15 reacted to NotTheFirstDaniel in Leaked MacBook Air GB5 benchmark shows score higher than 16-inch MacBook Pro; SC higher than 5950X   
    Let me try to explain what I think happened.
    When the 2016 MacBook Pro came out, I think Apple expected Intel's 10nm die shrink known as "Kaby Lake" to be released alongside the MacBooks (It wouldn't have been the first time new 3rd part hardware premiered with a Mac, Vega is one of them). They designed the thinner MacBook Pro with the 10nm chips in mind. But by 2016 it was apparent that Intel wasn't going to have its 10nm out by then. I think this was the first time they pushed back the 10nm die shrink. By this time, the design was already in place, mass production started on parts, it was too late to call it back and make adjustments. So they went ahead with it assuming next year they'd get their shit together. Fast forward till today and they haven't.
    Also, around 2016/2017 was the time when Apple allegedly stared looking into using their own processors for their computers. We saw this with the T2 chip, taking more control away from the CPU and onto Apple Silicon. Apple probably figured to wait out the four years, because while Intel CPUs were hot, they weren't that hot, right?
    That's where Zen comes in. Zen forced the core-count to increase on all Intel CPUs, negatively affecting Apple. The design that could barely hold together a quad-core CPU was now expected to hold a hexa-core and octa-core CPU. This would not do. Apple had to cut their ego and made a laptop slightly thicker than the one before it. I think that was the last straw, Apple admitting defeat to Intel. We all know that if there's one thing Apple hates doing it's admitting fault.
    And yeah, I don't think anyone in the world can explain the MacBook Air fan fiasco. I mean you can argue the 8th-gen chips were fanless, and Apple didn't expect the 10th-gen chips to jump up in power usage, but meh. Its a fan and a heatsink, get it together...
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    kting15 reacted to LinusTech in Louis Rossmann points out some facts LTT got wrong in DriveSavers video   
    You're assuming I haven't spoken to Jessa
    I think collaborating with her in the future would be a blast and I've said as much, and I've expressed my desire to set the record straight and even change the sponsored video's content to reflect her allegations if she can provide evidence that proves them.
    To be clear, I'm not saying that if she can't prove it that she's lying. I'm just saying that as long as it's "he said, she said" I can't render any sort of judgment.
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    kting15 reacted to PCGuy_5960 in Apple finally enters 5G - iPhone 12 + homePod mini announcement   
    One day, Apple will finally use USB-C on iPhone. Today is not that day.
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    kting15 reacted to LinusTech in What percent of Floatplane subscriptions go to creators?   
    It's a flat fee based on video hosting cost.
  8. Informative
    kting15 reacted to zeusthemoose in Reddit user discovers msi scalping own 3080s on ebay for massive profits   
    Edit: as I say in a later response, another user found proof from MSI documentation that this is a subsidiary company of Micro-Star and multiple other sources I found agree
    I think there is a very big misunderstanding here. Msi computer corporation is not the full name of msi. It is Micro-Star International Co.
    If you look at the trademark site linked, it shows that Starlit Partners is registered by MSI computer corporation. That is the only trademark it owns. Looking at the same site, it shows what trademarks are actually held by Micro-Star International and this is not one of them. https://trademarks.justia.com/owners/micro-star-international-co-ltd-1164292/
    Edit: I’m continuing to look into this, but Micro-Star International might be the parent company of MSI Computer Corporation. Once I can find proof one way or the other, I will update this.
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    kting15 reacted to DrMacintosh in Chrome OS 74 will disable Hyper-Threading by default   
    Its not like Chrome OS has any applications that could put those threads to use.....
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    kting15 reacted to Bananasplit_00 in Massdrop Rebrands to Drop, Ironically Dropping Group-Buys In The Process   
    Soooo they throw away their entire unique concept and rename themselves to a name you can't find by searching. Fucking amazing business move 10/10
  11. Funny
    kting15 reacted to Dylanc1500 in Massdrop Rebrands to Drop, Ironically Dropping Group-Buys In The Process   
    Or becoming an online wife bidding site and changing the name to eBae.
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    kting15 reacted to yolosnail in Massdrop Rebrands to Drop, Ironically Dropping Group-Buys In The Process   
    I think they dropped the ball with this rebrand
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    kting15 reacted to SlimyPython in Massdrop Rebrands to Drop, Ironically Dropping Group-Buys In The Process   
    MassDrop is easy to remember, Idk if its just me but I would kinda easily forget Drop
  15. Agree
    kting15 reacted to r2724r16 in Massdrop Rebrands to Drop, Ironically Dropping Group-Buys In The Process   
    I personally think "Massdrop" is more catchy than just "Drop", but that's just me.
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    kting15 reacted to rcmaehl in System Restore - Laser scans from 2015 may assist with restoration of Notre Dame   
    Detailed scans from 2015 (down to 0.2"), from the late Andrew Talon, could help with the eventual detailed restoration of Notre Dame
    My Thoughts:
    As much as this is good news, I feel at least some sadness Andrew is not around to see the results of his work put to good use. Regardless, with todays masses of information, images, pictures, and especially Andrew's detailed scans of the building. I'm sure the restoration of Notre Dame will go without a hitch. It's amazing what we can achieve with today's technology.
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    kting15 reacted to LinusTech in Disappointment with LMG   
    Really busy prepping for the roast on Friday (I guess this thread is my warm-up round, haha) but I figured I'd jump in with a couple of things
    1. If you're going to criticize and you want your feedback to be taken seriously, keep it objective and factual. Saying things like "yeah man, now they're focused on quantity over quality" isn't helpful because we OBJECTIVELY output the SAME number of videos we ever have. Since LMG's inception, we've done 7-8 uploads per week on LTT. Period.
    2. Thumbnails and titles have nothing to do with the video quality, and they are NOT targeting "kids". Our demographics are more heavily skewed towards adults than the grouping of "similar channels" YT compared us to in a recent consultation session with them. You can keep saying this, but it's not a thing, so put it out of your mind. We use the titling/thumbnail strategies we do because if we didn't we'd be taking a deep hit to our viewership. I think it's stupid, but unfortunately my feelings don't change anything about reality.
    3. No, we're not what we used to be. Want to know why? Because I got bored of fans and power supplies. If you're still into it, that's super cool, but I'm not. The great news is that for content about fans and power supplies there are more resources now than there ever were before. I actually LOVE that so many other content creators have shot up from the woodwork to take our place in categories where I just didn't have the passion anymore.
    4. We're doing our best, but had you stopped to consider that maybe YOU aren't as interested in tech anymore?... because it's gotten less interesting? The industry just isn't moving as fast as it was 10 years ago.. I was reading an in-depth review of the display of the Galaxy S10 where the reviewer was talking about some of the changes they'd made to gamma curves to preserve more shadow detail and I was like "hmm this is pretty cool", but from the average person's perspective IS it? Compared to the shift from TN to IPS to OLED does it REALLY matter? Does your aunt give a shit?
    In the enterprise space where connectivity speeds are still growing at an incredible rate and the ongoing AI revolution is changing the way people interact with each other there's plenty of cool stuff going on, but the problem is that you can't hold it in your hand and the best you can hope for is a die shrink and 5-10% efficiency bump with each passing year (if that). Thank goodness for AMD because otherwise we'd have had jack-all to talk about in the PC space for the last couple of years
    Hope this helps
    edit: added point 4
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    kting15 reacted to LinusTech in Does the Linus dude lurk these forums ?   
    Yes. Very lurk.
  19. Informative
    kting15 reacted to LinusTech in Where is Ivan and Luke   
    Ivan is no longer with us, I'm afraid. 
  20. Funny
    kting15 reacted to LinusTech in The My Little Pony Mega Thread   
    Starlight Glimmer is AT BEST entirely unnecessary.. 
    That is all I have to say on this subject. 
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    kting15 reacted to LinusTech in Was there no WAN show yesterday?   
    It'll be back. Just waiting on an edit to process
  22. Funny
    kting15 reacted to NelizMastr in Jensen Huang (Nvidia CEO) Responds to AMD, " it's underwhelming-- We'll crush it"   
    He's just pissed because he has a tiny Huang 
  23. Funny
    kting15 reacted to givingtnt in Epic Fail   
    CaN yoU gIvE yOuR posT a MeaNiN gFulL TItlE



  24. Informative
    kting15 reacted to LinusTech in Razer thought this was a good idea??   
    Our initial strategy was to start with a "clickier" title and replace it with an "SEO optimized" one after the first wave of viewers.. But over time the importance of SEO has given way to the importance of attracting clicks for content that is shown to potential viewers algorithmically. 
    Since we made the titling/thumbnail change about 2 years ago, we've experienced phenomenal growth. You might not like the stupid titles and thumbnails (neither do I) but we are running a business here and running a (successful) business means following DATA, not FEELINGS. 
    We are having our best month ever (tracking over 90M views for December) by a country mile. I don't like that it works, but it works. 
  25. Funny
    kting15 reacted to LinusTech in Wan Show CHEATING   
    was an accident, for the record