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  1. Let me start off by saying I think not. Full stop. I just watched the most recent WAN show where Linus and Luke touched on the Intel/PT benchmarks. I've also watched the Gamers Nexus coverage and Steve's interview with a PT co-owner I believe it was. BOTH seemed to take a middle of the road approach from different angles. Linus looked at it by putting himself in an Intel exec's shoes and Steve asked the guy about specific hardware choices that may have compromised the results of any testing PT did. So each outlet used its expertise to hit at the issue from different angles. In no c
  2. Agreed. It's simple for setup after first boot. Most people I know don't go through the trouble because they either need to set up a VM or partition. Sure a clean install is simple, but most people would rather not wipe Win off their machines for Linux. Heck, I won't do it because gaming.
  3. As far as Linux update scheme vs. Win. Generally even to get Linux installed takes a little more know-how than Win. Run on a VM, dual boot, separate partitions, what about system resources to allocate to it? For those reasons and more, I think it's fairly assumed those running Linux are a bit more tech savvy than the average person. So, maybe it's assumed the Linux crowd will proactively check more frequently for updates. Making some assumptions, but I think probably pretty valid ones. As far as personal security. All our infos are so spread out all over the place, I'm not even sure hacki
  4. Here it is directly from the source https://research.checkpoint.com/new-iot-botnet-storm-coming/ There is also a full listing of affected devices at that link. But it appears only devices running on the Lua programming language are targeted. So no Pc's, smartphones, etc. Lua code is run in a register-based VM like dalvic for Android. Lua is basically a very light programming language which makes it ideal for IoT devices. I'd suggest even if your device isn't listed, might still not be a bad idea to figure out what programming language is used on your gadgets.
  5. I decided to go with a gaming laptop over desktop, not because I take it out of the house, but because then I can be around the fam more whenever I do gaming or photo/video editing. So that's why I chose high-end laptop over desktop. That being said, an SLI laptop does seem overkill. You get the huge extra added weight/less mobility and at that point, in my opinion, why not just get a desktop? I got a ROG with a 6700 HQ, single GTX 1070 and Nvme storage and Elite Dangerous plays good on Ultra.
  6. An interesting article appeared in VentureBeat https://venturebeat.com/2017/10/15/voice-and-facial-recognition-could-help-ai-surpass-humans-in-emotional-intelligence/ that got me thinking about AI and humans and how AI is perhaps surpassing human ability on a front that I wouldn't have necessarily thought possible: emotional intelligence. The article title mentions voice and facial recognition, but delves pretty deeply into algorithms and how based on those algorithms, computers have become better than humans at emotional intelligence. Basically the author makes the point that algori
  7. I haven't read all 125 comments but here's a great summary article https://www.xda-developers.com/wpa2-wifi-protocol-vulnerability-krack/ What makes it worse is it's not just routers, but also appears to affect any Android device running 6.0 (Marshmallow) released back in fall 2015 as per the article. Nasty stuff. However, if you're into rooting and can load a newer Lineage OS build, you can patch your phone yourself that way https://www.xda-developers.com/future-lineageos-14-1-builds-safe-krack/
  8. Ok. Soooo, moral of the story is the US is really really behind pretty much every other developed nation in terms of mobile data speed. Funny how T-Mob in the US sounding like it has THE worst speeds of anywhere. Well, hopefully we'll catch up a bit when 5g goes live and modems start being put in phones.
  9. Ok, ok. Good to know. Lol, I can't even imagine 100 Mb/s. Yeah, I'm in the Chicago area and I have an app that puts internet speeds on my status bar. I know I've never hit 11 Mb/s. From what I've read it'll obviously need to be higher frequency to achieve the kind of speeds they're looking at, hence short range. So mainly stationary targets, or perhaps onboard a plane or train. It'll be interesting to see power draw along with everything else.
  10. The main article about Qualcomm producing the first 5g modem came from Android Headlines and can be read here https://www.androidheadlines.com/2017/10/qualcomm-snapdragon-x50-is-worlds-first-5g-modem-for-smartphones.html. I personally kind of have a hard time believing that 5g speeds will be achieved any time soon. As far as I can tell, according to the ITU-R (International Telecommunications Union Radio) communications sector, to be considered true 4g, a network needs to have peak download speed of 1 Gbit/s or about 125 Mb/s. We never came close to that. The highest I've ever person