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  1. That's the thing, the "guidelines" from the app store don't allow that. If you state in any way that purchasing the subscription on your website is cheaper your update will get rejected. Take a look at the site that spotify put up summarizing the stuff they've had to deal with https://timetoplayfair.com/facts
  2. Even if I got it too since I'm also a YT premium user, I still wouldn't use it for the simple fact that I would have to buy the games I already own again in order to make use of it. They really need to rethink that business model.
  3. Couldn't you use the virtual desktops for that? It kinda does what you describe, I think Explained here https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-multiple-desktops-windows-10 Instead of alt-tab it's windows-tab
  4. Since it'll probably have 16GB or more of ram it'll rarely have to use the swap, and if it does that would probably generate some stuttering which isn't desirable, so they'll try to avoid it. And even then, it would take thousands of hours of being memory-deprived for it to have any effect. a 500GB SSD usually has a MTFB of 200TB+ written these days, so that would take a very long time to reach. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
  5. That stuff depends on how Ubisoft decides to implement it. If they do it the lazy way (probably will) then you'll just have duplicates I guess. They could implement it so you can choose how to activate each of the products, but I doubt they'll go through the effort to do that.
  6. To me it sounds like this is just a standard oauth authentication flow, like how you can login on some sites using your google/facebook/whatever account, I suppose they could make you choose on the ubisoft website if it's for yourself or a friend. 2. Shouldn't be an issue, the third party site shouldn't get anything more than a user id and maybe an email address from Ubisoft, not your actual uplay credentials. And for point 3: https://i.imgur.com/rUc2hMU.png ... Very useful, they just give you 2.
  7. I can't do work on a console, so that's a no for me. Why would I buy both a console and a relatively cheap office pc if I could combine them for a superior experience?
  8. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest, every time I try to do my work on my windows pc instead of macbook some annoying windows-specific issue will pop up, wasting my time. Mostly due to the limitations of the filesystem. I'm keeping windows as main os though mainly for the games and display drivers in general, I want the best performance as possible. Once gaming on Linux is as performant or better I'm definetly switching.
  9. I'm wondering the same, 128gb storage for the base model seems like a huge amount, doubt many people will even use half of that. I'm still using an s7 edge and the only reason for me to upgrade would be because of a severely degraded battery or slow performance. Not having any of those issues yet, and battery in the s10 is even smaller than what I currently have. I'm guessing they're jacking up the prices to counter the rising amount of people having a similar "my 3 year old phone is still good enough" experience, but I don't know if its actually significant
  10. Maybe they'll start learning that releasing unfinished games and telling the people not to buy it actually causes people to not buy games. Who would've thought. But this is EA, so who am I kidding.
  11. I'm wondering why they're making this in the first place, has android become too much of a hassle for them? Also an odd choice to not use the linux kernel if you ask me, but I guess they have their reasons.
  12. It'll have to be wider for that, which is why I am waiting for that upcoming 5120x1440 120hz ultrawide from samsung. The only issue with that though, is going to be the cost...
  13. Meh I explicitly enabled location tracking on android because it helps both me (for traffic delays) and other people, as well as being interesting to look back to later. I could care less that google knows where I went.
  14. lvh1

    Rx 3000 leaks

    I definitely would not complain if it was true after all, nvidia really needs some competition.
  15. lvh1

    Rx 3000 leaks

    Same thing they did with the chipset naming, since intel was at 2xx amd started at 3xx, to seem 'better'/newer to your average customer I guess.