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  1. I grabbed 5 of them when they were $40 CDN. Worth it IMO just for controlling Netflix. I also enjoy how they can be synced to play music.
  2. Just put it up on your local buy / sell. I’ve bought 2 of them of $30-$80. I’ll buy if you’re near the GTA area.
  3. What windows version? Is it compatible with that laptop? If win 10 try 7? Or other way around.
  4. I’d try another PSU, also Get a flashlight and see if any capacitors on the board are popped.
  5. Spend an extra $30 or so and get a 500GB SSD. Also, you wont be getting that ram for that price, so prepare to pay another $30-$50.
  6. Very simple process too but if you don’t need a Mac at all then return your MBP (if you can) maybe pick up a Microsoft surface?
  7. Every iPhone since the iPhone 3G. Unfortunately no original iPhone in Canada. Usually first or second in line every release date too haha.
  8. Well the drive could be o.k.. depending on how much it was used. I’m pretty sure the data from your link was from a company running them 24/7.
  9. Drive capacity is obviously a huge factor when buying any laptop, especially for what you intend to use it for.. HOWEVER, since Apple and other companies are soldering every component to the board now upgrading isn’t an option. My opinion would be to max out the RAM cause external storage is cheap AF. I have a couple USB C / A sticks that get 200mb R/W speeds. or if you want to be like me an upgrade my ram in my MBP by swapping the whole logic board lol.
  10. In my experience Dell support has been pretty good so I’d try and get ahold of them like you said you’d try. In your audio output settings does it show output options? This problem could also happen if the laptop thinks theirs something plugged into the 3.5mm jack.
  11. I agree, get that checked out by MSI while it’s under warranty.. I’m not sure how your laptop sleep mechanism works when the lid is closed but my wife had this problem until I realized her watch with a magnetic clasp was esentially telling her MacBook that the lid was closed so it would sleep haha.
  12. I’ve used Paragon and EaseUS. Also some USB stick manufactures have their own utility, like Sandisk for example.
  13. Have you tried using a different USB cable? Could be faulty. Also the controller that converts the SATA to USB could be the problem or of course the drive itself.