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  1. So actually I happen to have this board and a few SSD'ss to fill in the 3 slots that are physically present and the top most one Doesn't seem to be working with any of the 3 drives which by the way work just fine in the other two slots. Can someone tell me is that slot just useless or is it for intel optane only.
  2. Troubleshooting Question for the group. Assembled a new pc 2080 i9 9900k and a z390ud gigabyte thermal take 700w pcu the system seems to be crashing on me after a month of use .If i use the cpu even for 2 -5 min of aida 64 windows crashes gpu seems to fine in firestorm.Changed the ssd tried a fresh windows install didn't seem to fix it.Applied new thermal take to a single fan crossair aio still no change. 32 gb ddr4 preadator ram srry for long post here is a potato (:).
  3. So recently purchased a acer predator helios 300 laptop with a 1060 .So now the device manager is not showing gtx 1060 or microsoft basic display driver .Tried fresh windows 10 insider build install.Still the same situation.The nvdia driver installer says not compatable.The laptop is till under itw but dont want to ship my laptop away for what i am hoping is a software problem.Help !!!