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  1. There are some games, (world of Tanks) that will do this if you have the graphics settings to high. ie your computer is capable of better graphics than the game can handle, there was a recent update that should help this but it is still in bets. Check your games settings, and then check to make sure your games are updated.
  2. I have always had my alternators rebuilt, it is usually cheaper and hold up better.
  3. Go into settings, notifications and actions, turn all of it off, then continue with the apps this will interrupt games, and YouTube. It was driving me nuts at first then i figured out what was causing the problem. Hope this helps.
  4. I installed Windows 10 32 bit on a gateway laptop with similar specs, I did install a 500g ssd, and upgraded the ram before clean install. the laptop is running great. and so far has had zero issues.
  5. Xp is no longer supported by Windows, im sure it was trying to update the reason for hanging at boot. I just updated a small gateway laptop with windows 10 form xp, I installed a new 500gb ssd, and upgraded the ram to meet the windows requirements. it is running great.
  6. I would say that being that windows is an operating system, and Linux is also, one is open source and the other is not. I would say that is the biggest problem, they are not designed to work together.
  7. I can see where that could be a pain, especially if your a computer science student. but then having to reinstall all the time is not the best either, so you have a no win situation.
  8. Does your laptop have two drives? I'm sure you have an external drive. works pretty much the same.
  9. It should say surge protector on it some where, or else its just basically just adding outlets to your wall.
  10. At the very least a surge protector, the size of the ups depends on what you want to connect to it to have clean power, i connect every thing to mine. but i also have test benches, printers and a server. so i have 2 1500w psu just for the stuff in my office.
  11. have you thought about a usb 3, or even sata conection with a ssd enclosure that you can just connect, this is a easy one for linux.
  12. ok they way i have it set up, its just like windows, or linux is the only OS on the system till you switch drives, witch requires a reboot regardless of what you do.
  13. you realy should have a ups (universal powersupply) I dont connect anything straight to the wall.
  14. its basicly like taking your OS windows ssd out, and then connecting OS linux ssd. if you have both configured correctly there should be no trouble. linux populates everything i have on the system and my network., when im done I switch back. this is just the way i have done it.
  15. I had this same issue on a system build, and every thing would be fine. then all hell would break loose, one minute it would lead me to mobo, then ram, then some place else. then i was about to shit can the whole thing. I removed the psu, and replaced with a known good one. and poof the grimlin was gone.