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    I am a gorilla


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    Ryzen 7 4800HS
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    16GB DDR4
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    GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q
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  1. Not really a kind of "difference". Studio headphones are IMO better than gaming headsets. Companies like razer just put fancy leds n shit with mediocre sound and microphone. A studio headset is much better value
  2. ASUS Zephyrus G14. Ryzen 7 1660Ti model
  3. At first, it was pretty funny. Now it feels so forced and unfunny. Anybody else feel that way?
  4. Oh, ok. Thanks. Do you anything that will allow me to output 1440P@144HZ using my laptop's built in GPU
  5. I couldn't find a very clear answer anywhere. I want to hook my laptop up to an external monitor, and I wanted to use something like this for a cleaner look. Does anybody know if using something like this introduces any extra input lag on a HDMI connection?
  6. Go to HP again. I think that is pretty much your only option.
  7. I have a non-g sync monitor and I play a lot of some CSGO, and I have never experienced regular tearing. Maybe once in like 2 hours. I think you are going to be fine, but if you are really hardcore then you should get a g sync monitor.
  8. my laptop audio is not working after unplugging my headphones. Not the mic either. What's up?
  9. Is there any mod I can get for my android phone that allows audio to come out its earpiece for a stereo effect?
  10. I think your going to be fine as long as you have an updated Bios because not all B450s support 3rd gen ryzen out of the box because of the outdated bios
  11. A cooler master master box lite seems fine, but or the normal masterbox
  12. I would recommend getting something with a ryzen APU( 3200g and 3500g), or something with a i3