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  1. I don't plan on accessing any internal resources, I just want my cloud PC service to work ?
  2. Also, I don't think they explicitly throttle certain websites, it seems to be based on some sort of rule or perhaps some type of traffic as Floatplane is also not throttled as well as about a third of all other speed tests I have tried. Also on Shadow I have the choice of switching between TCP and UDP for the connection. With UDP I can't even get it to display anything its just black, but with TCP I get a still image of the first frame to be sent and then it freezes where it doesn't have enough bandwidth as it's throttled.
  3. No I haven't but at this point I doubt there is a way I can get around it. I may just have to talk to one of the IT team and see if I can get an exception for my device but I doubt they will. Either way I'll question it though and if I find out why I'll update the post. Cheers for the help tho guys ?
  4. Also just a thought, this could possibly have something to do with QoS or something similar prioritising certain types of traffic
  5. I have tried Cloudflare's and as well as Google's but thanks for the suggestion ?
  6. I have connected to my college WiFi on my laptop, and when I test the speeds on certain speed test websites I get 200-400 mbps and on others I am throttled to 1.5mbps. For example, Ookla's speedtest gives me these results: whereas Netflix's fast.com gives me these results: These speeds are confirmed by my computers task manager: As well as this, it varies on normal websites too. For example, YouTube is throttled but watching Netflix movies is not. The network is protected by a Sophos firewall, and I am assuming that i